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Alipurduars (Lok Sabha constituency)

Alipurduars (Lok Sabha constituency): “

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”'[[Alipurduar]]”’ is a Lok Sabha constituency in [[West Bengal]], [[India]].

==Assembly segments==
Alipurduars Lok Sabha constituency is composed of the following assembly segments <ref>{{cite web
| url =
| title = General election to the Legislative Assembly, 2001 – List of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies
| accessdate = 2008-10-01
| work = West Bengal
| publisher = Election Commission of India }}</ref>:
* [[Tufanganj#Politics|Tufanganj]]
* [[Kumargram#Politics|Kumargram]]
* [[Kalchini#Politics|Kalchini]]
* [[Alipurduar#Politics|Alipurduars]]
* [[Falakata#Politics|Falakata]]
* [[Madarihat#Politics|Madarihat]]
* [[Nagrakata#Politics|Nagrakata]]


==See also==
* [[Alipurduar]]
* [[List of Constituencies of the Lok Sabha]]

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[[Category:Constituencies of the Lok Sabha]]

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