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William Thirning

William Thirning: “

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”’William Thirning”’ [[King’s Serjeant|KS]] (d. 1413) was a British justice. He served as a commissioner of the peace in 1377 in [[Northamptonshire]] and as a commissioner of [[Oyer and terminer]] in [[Bedfordshire]] in the same year, as well as a [[Justice of Assize]] for [[Yorkshire]], [[Northumberland]], [[Cumberland]] and [[Westmorland]] in June 1880 before becoming a [[Serjeant-at-law]] in 1383. He was made a [[King’s Serjeant]] in 1388, and a justice of the [[Court of Common Pleas (England)|Court of Common Pleas]] on 11 April of the same year, becoming [[Chief Justice of the Common Pleas|Chief Justice]] on 15 January 1396. Thirning took a leading role in the deposition of [[Richard II of England|Richard II]] 1399, obtaining his renunciation of the throne on 29 September and announcing it in Parliament the following day, before personally announcing the sentence to Richard on 1 October. He continued to be Chief Justice throughout the reign of [[Henry IV of England|Henry IV]] and was reappointed by [[Henry V of England|Henry V]] when he took the throne in 1413; he died soon after, as his successor was appointed on 26 June.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Oxford DNB article: Thirning, William|last=Kingsford|first=C.L|coauthors=Keith Dockray |date=2004|publisher=Oxford University Press|accessdate=2008-10-01}}</ref>

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