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Ways to reduce stress

Ways to reduce stress: “

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Ways to reduce stress
1. Eat a balanced diet
a.Eat a good breakfast every day. Many students skip breakfast, east a small lunch, and then have a large dinner in the evening. This pattern of eating is often a recipe for stress, diabetes, and obesity.
b.Stay away from fast-food restaurants that offer choice high in fat and sodium. Be warned that some fast food salads with high-fat dressing might actually have more fat and calories than a hamburger.
c. Reduce consumption of sugar-saturated sodas and alcoholic beverages
2. Sleep
a. It is critical that you get enough sleep in order to function at peak levels during the day.
b. The amount of sleep varies upon the individual and their age.
c. Not getting enough sleep interferes with you ability to concentrate, weakens your immune system, elevates cortisol levels, accelerates aging, interferes with growth, impairs memory, and reduces sex drive.
3. Manage your finances
a. Spend less than you earn and save the rest.
b. Start investing early
c. Keep your credit clean
d. Avoid credit card interest
e. Buy what you need instead of what you want
4. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!
a. Improves Sleep
b. Increased energy
c. Increased Life expectancy
d. Improved Concentration
e. Reduce body fat with corresponding muscle tone


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