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Ways to reduce stress in the classroom

Ways to reduce stress in the classroom: “

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10 Ways to Reduce Stress in the Classroom

1. Add laughter to your classroom
Laughter is a good way to reduce stress because it adds a sense a humor. Kids learn more when they are having fun.

2. Build self esteem in your students
Kids believe what they hear so to build up their self esteem put them in groups and give them an opportunity to be the leader so they can feel good about themselves.

3. Provide effective discipline measures
Have rules that work with every child so they know what is expected of accepted. With effective disciplinary measures, your students will respect your role as a figure of authority.

4. Add creative movement to your classroom
Keep your classroom active so they don’t get bored, they will be able to listen and sit still longer. For example: have them get up and do 10 jumping jacks.

5. Keep paperwork organized
A lot of time will be saved if your classroom has an organized way of turning in papers, homework assignments and tests

6. Post a top ten list
Developing a Top-10 list every week by posting the top 10 students in your class for the week based on their test/quiz scores, consistency in handing in homework on time. Then give a reward for being on the Top-10 list for a given week.

7. Use hand signals
Using hand signals better communication between students and teachers without having to interrupt the class.

8. Incorporate ‘do now’ activities
Come up with a 5 minute activity that get the student interacting with each other and introduces a past or present lesson.

9. Make an attitude adjustment
Always keep a positive attitude even when things are chaotic and out of control. Students will respond better to stress if they see the teacher is calm.

10. The Scrolling Marquee Technique.
Set your classroom computer to a marquee screensaver and display a child’s name who is doing well in class. Change the name daily, this will encourage good behavior.
10 ways to reduce a teachers classroom stress
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