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Valentina black

Valentina black: “


”’Valentina Black”’ was born on february 3rd 1982 in Verona (Italy).

She grew up listening music since the age of 6, impressed by classical music,
blues and rock:
The music of Beethoven and Jimi Hendrix was the soundtrack of her childhood.<p>
She started singing, playing the piano and organ at the age of 10,
building her musical personality influenced also by
John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Howlin’ Wolf, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin,
Deep Purple, Joe Satriani and others…<p>
In 2005 she joined the hard rock band ICE9 with whom she recorded
the single ‘Wheezing Breath’.
On may 2007 she has the great opportunity to play and sing in a
recording session with the legendary Frank Zappa’s drummer:
Jimmy Carl Black. <p>
She has recorded with:
Jimmy Carl Black, Bruno Marini, Daniele Tedeschi, Ice9,
Adrian Morrison, DJ T ‘The Thief’, Daniele D’Agaro,Big
Caesar, Andrea Martongelli…


2006 ””Valentina Black”” ”’The Crime Scene” ”Investigation”’ (Vibrarecords)<p>
2007””Valentina Black & Ice9”” ”’Wheezing breath”’ (Azzurra)<p>
2008””Adrian Morrison”” ”’No Animals Allowed”’ (Vibrarecords)<p>
2008””Valentina Black, Andrea Martongelli & Daniele Tedeschi”” ”’Round Trip To AC/DC’s Gig”’ (Vibrarecords)<p>
2007””Jimmy Carl Black”” ”’Freedom Jazz Dance”’ (Azzurra)<p>
2007””Valentina Black Trio”” ”’Beat Generator”’ (Vibrarecords)<p>

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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