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The Watermelon

The Watermelon: “

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”The Watermelon” is a feature independent film written by the award-winning [[Michael Hemmingson]] and directed by the iconoclastic and bombastic [[Brad Mays.]] It is produced by [[Lorenda Starfelt]] at[[LightSong Films.]]

”The Watermelon” has been called ‘a story without seeds’ and ‘a film about how really weird things can happen.’ It is about a fellow who receives a mysterious inheritance from his long lost alcoholic step-father: a ratty old trailer painted like a watermelon. This draws in a number of odd characters who big him, including a romantic interest, a woman on the run from her psycho drug-addict criminal husband.

According to [[Michael Hemmingson]], the impetus for the script was ‘for [[Liv Kellgren]] to act in, she was an unknown stage actress in San Diego whose biggest wish was to act in indie films. I wrote it to direct, for us both to use as a vehicle into the film industry. She betrayed my trust and lied to me and and nearly destroyed the project. I found LightSong Films, who optioned the script and made it, with the wonderful Brad Mays at the helm.'<ref>Q&A at San Diego Film Festival</ref>

”The Watermelon” received its World Primere at the [[San Diego Film Festival]] 2008.

This is [[Michael Hemmingson]]’s first produced full-length screenplay.

Beach scenes were shot in Malibu, on the property of Tony Romano, executive producer of [[Catch Me If You Can]] and [[I, Robot]]. ‘Hemmingson is one of the best screenwriters out there,’ Romano has stated, ‘only no one in this goddamn town knows it.'<ref>Hollywood Reporter</ref>


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