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Samuel Gerard

Samuel Gerard: “


”’Samuel Gerard”’ is a fictional character in movies [[The Fugitive (1993 film)|The Fugitive]] and [[U.S. Marshals (film)|U.S. Marshals]]. He is a Deputy Marshal of Chicago Police Department. Gerard is portrayed by [[Tommy Lee Jones]].

===[[The Fugitive (1993 film)|The Fugitive]]===
Gerard and his team of marshals Cosmo Renfro, Robert Biggs, Savannah Cooper, and Noah Newman went to a train wreckage in the night. Gerard finds the three prisoners are dead but one survived. The fugitive’s name is [[Richard Kimble|Dr. Richard Kimble]]. He orders a manhunt on the doctor. While he, Renfro, and Cooper find more details of Kimble, Gerard was informed by Biggs that a wounded guard swears that he saw Kimble outside the hospital and stealing an ambulance. He pursues Kimble to the dam. Kimble points a gun at him, saying that he didn’t kill his own wife which Gerard retorts ‘I don’t care.’ Gerard corners him and orders him to get down to his knees to make the arrest but Kimble jumps out of the dam. The police think he is dead but Gerard thinks that Kimble survived the fall and orders a search.

In CPD, Gerard searches for the second fugitive, Copeland. He and his team of marshals go to his house. Copeland took Newman as hostage and tells Gerard that he just want a car. Gerard shots him several times, killing him. Newman’s right ear is hurt from the shot. Gerard calms Copeland’s girl by telling her to shut up. Newman is disappointed that Gerard has killed Copeland instead of making a bargain with him. He whispers to Newman’s right ear, saying that he doesn’t bargain.

Gerard questions one of Kimble’s colleagues, Charles Nichols, about Kimble. He finds out that Kimble is staying in an apartment of a landlady. Gerard goes to the Cook County Hospital to interrogate Anne Eastman, the one who tries to alert the police of Kimble after becoming suspicious of rescuing a boy’s life as a janitor, but Kimble escapes when she gets back. He finds his fake I.D. with a name Desmondo. Gerard and his team go to the place where Kimble is to interrogate the prisoner he is going. Gerard caught Kimble and chases him. He was grabbed by the guards after they mistakenly think he is waving a gun and screaming to a woman, according to Kimble. Gerard and the guards continues to chase him but Kimble escapes again.

The next morning, Gerard gets a call from Kimble in Frederick Syke’s apartment. The reason he says that he doesn’t care because he isn’t trying to solve a puzzle. Kimble did not put down the phone so that Gerard can trace the call to Syke’s apartment. Gerard interrogates Sykes about his relationship with Lentz and Nichols.

He and his team interrogate again Nichols about Lentz. Nichols was able to give them some answers. However, Gerard realized that Nichols lied to him. In the night, he chases Kimble to an apartment. While Kimble is fighting Nichols, Gerard orders Newman to call off the helicopter because he doesn’t want to get shot. In the laundry room, he tells Kimble that CPD thinks that he is a cop killer and they will shoot him on sight. Gerard tells him that he knows that he is innocent and knows about Sykes and Nichols. He reveals that Nichols borrowed Kimble’s car at the night of his wife’s murder and has the keys to his apartment which explained why the police couldn’t find any evidence. Nichols telephoned Sykes from the car. Gerard wanted to take Kimble in safely. Just as Nichols is about to kill him, Kimble knocks him unconscious, saving Gerard’s life. Gerard takes him to car and heals his hands with ice. Kimble thought that he didn’t care. Gerard doesn’t and tells him not to tell anyone about it.

===[[U.S. Marshals (film)|U.S. Marshals]]===
Gerard and his team arrests Michael for unknown reason. They celebrated at a bar for the success. In the night of the ball, his superior officer, Marshal Catherine Walsh, orders him to take a vacation from his job due to having hit Michael while in handcuffs. Gerard goes to a plane to escort the prisoners. The plane crashed to the ocean due to a prisoner trying to kill Mark Sheridan with a pin. Gerard helps a prisoner safely and notices that Sheridan escaped.

He meets Special Agent John Royce to help arrest Sheridan. Gerard corners Sheridan in the sewers but Sheridan shot him to escape. Gerard survives and continues his arrest Sheridan.

Gerard and Royce interrogate Marie Bineaux, Sheridan’s girlfriend. She lies to them to make ensure Sheridan’s safety. Gerard tracks down Sheridan in the cemetery. He was attacked by Chen but escapes. Gerard chases Sheridan in an apartment. Royce fights Sheridan and shot Newman by the time he comes to the fight. Gerard gets sad to see his teammate is shot. He corners Sheridan in the rooftop but he jumps to a train to escape. Gerard takes Newman to an ambulance. He died by the time he and Gerard reach the hospital.

In CPD, Gerard was able to arrest Marie for lying to him earlier. Enraged that his teammate is killed, he is now obsessed in killing Sheridan to avenge Newman. Renfro tries to convince him that killing someone would not avenge Newman but he left. Gerard joins with Royce to kill Sheridan. They track him down to the docks. Gerard fights Sheridan in the pit as Royce shot him. Sheridan is taken to the hospital afterwards.

In the hospital, Gerard realized that Royce is behind in framing Sheridan for the murders. He finds out that the gun he is shot earlier is Royce’s gun which he discovers that Royce changes the code. When he witnessed Royce trying to kill Sheridan, Gerard killed him and points his gun to Sheridan, asking if he’s going to run again. Instead, Sheridan decided to stay in bed.

Sheridan is released and his charges are dropped. He apologizes to Gerard for shooting him earlier and he is reunited with his girlfriend. Gerard apologizes to Renfro and he and his team make a toast for Newman.

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