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Prymetyme tha Hustleman

Prymetyme tha Hustleman: “



”’Junior Wilson”'(born September 5,1986) also known as hist stage name ”’PrymeTyme Tha Hustleman”’ is a American rapper,Producer,CEO from Northside Texas/Waynesville.Prymetyme now is co-owner of the Sowed Up Click alongside of his best friend ”’Kevin Davis”’ also known as stage name ”’Deuce Bigalow”’ which he refers to him as his big brother, later own becoming owner of his new label ”’Hustle Entertainment”’ transpiring in 2008. Prymetyme has recently returned to Sowed Up Click which started out as a group of 11 underground rappers to launch his new label.



”’Junior Wilson”’ was born ”’September 5,1986 in Dallas,TX”’ as the 3rd oldest child and first born son of 2 daugheters and two sons to the Wilson family. Labeled as the troublemaker of the family, from getting arrested for car boosting, stealing, and drugs. He was involved in a gang called 44 which also led to a early sight on prison. He moved to ”’Waynesville,MO”’ in 2002 where he teamed up with Deuce Bigalow, and ”’Kendell Bellamy”’ also known as ”'(ATM)Abstract tha Mastermind”’ to form Sowed Up Click.



”’Prymetyme”’ began recording mixtapes and freestyles as early as 2001 started out in the underground rap game. He got the name PrymeTyme from his long lost mentor ”’Big Dre”’ (R.I.P.) because he always was the main event of the show from his swag to his lyrics on stage.One day Prymetyme realized theres plenty of money to get legitally with muzik which he love to do anyway instead of hustling in the streets looking for jail time. PrymeTyme stated that”Muzik is my passion, For me its tha way of life” So he decided to start a click full of rappers to put tha Ville on tha map at the time. Stuck in a poor place he hustled to get what he wanted and started building his own studio to make this project realtalk. PrymeTyme became CEO of the group later known as Sowed Up Click consisting of artists from the south and midwest, basically he knew how to do everything from mixing, mastering,to putting tracks together givin fans that good ish. The first mixtape Sowed Up put out was called ”’Southern Supremacy”’ which caused a little spark. PrymeTyme said I know if I can get a couple people bobbin there head to my ish than big thingz is comin. Soon there after ”’Southern Supremacy Vol.2”’ was released and caused a major spark around the area with hard-hitting track ”’BUST A NIGGA HEAD, AFTERPARTY, and SUICIDE”’. Now there presence was officially known and they were forreal. In 2007 he added tha Hustleman to the end of his stage name because of his hardwork and grind. Following his success now PrymeTyme Tha Hustleman is still workin indepedent on his solo album(”’GO HARD OR GO BROKE”’) waitin for the time to snatch up a deal



2003: I Came to Wreck

2004:Southern Supremacy Vol.1

2006:Southern Supremacy Vol.2

2007:Deuce’s Wild Vol.1

2008:Stuntin iz a Habit

2009:Go Hard or Go Broke



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