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Pont de Recouvrance

Pont de Recouvrance: “


{{Infobox Bridge
|bridge_name=Pont de Recouvrance
|image=pont recouvrance.jpg|250px
|locale=[[Brest, France|Brest]], [[Brittany]], [[France]]
|type=[[Vertical lift bridge|Vertical lift]]
|material=[[Béton armé]], [[acier]]
|locale =
|maint =
|id =
|designer =
|design =
|material =
|spans =
|pierswater =
|mainspan =
|load =
|clearance =
|below =
|traffic =
|begin =
|complete =
|open =
|closed =
|toll =
Opened on [[17 July]] [[1954]], the ”’pont de Recouvrance”’ is a bridge in [[Brest, France]] across the river [[Penfeld]]. It was the largest [[vertical lift bridge]] in Europe from its construction until the opening of the [[Pont Gustave-Flaubert]] in 2008. It links the bottom of the [[rue de Siam]] to the [[Recouvrance, Brest|quartier de Recouvrance]], replacing a [[swing bridge]] (the [[pont National]]) destroyed by Allied bombardment in [[1944]].

Each pylon is 70m high and the 525-tonne moving cradle is 88m long.

===Before the bridges===
===The Pont National===
===The new post-war bridges===
====The pont de Kervallon====
====The ‘pont Gueydon’ floating bridge====
====The Pont de l’Hôpital or Pont de l’Harteloire====
{{Main|Pont de l’Harteloire}}

===The Pont de Recouvrance===


*”Le pont levant de Brest”, brochure edited by La Télémécanique Électrique (1954 ?)

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