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Oscar Humphries

Oscar Humphries: “


[[Oscar Humphries]] (Born April 1981, Sydney Australia)

[[Oscar Humphries]] is a journalist who has written for British newspapers and magazines. Notably [[The Sunday Times]], [[The Sunday Telegraph]], [[Arena]], [[Tatler]], and [[The Spectator]]. His father is the comedian [[Barry Humphries]].

He was educated in Los Angeles then later at [[Bryanston School]] and [[Stowe School]]. Oscar Humphries struggled with alcohol addiction in his early 20’s and also with depression. He wrote about these difficulties in [[The Sunday Telegraph]]<ref>See The Daily Telegraph health/2003/01/31</ref>.

In 2006 he was made a contributing editor of [[The Spectator]]<ref>See Media Guardian Monday September 17 2007</ref> and in 2008 became the launch editor of Spectator Australia.

In 2006 he became engaged to the Australian model Sara Philippidis<ref>See Daily Telegraph, Sydney September 19, 2006 </ref>

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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