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Michael Labunsky

Michael Labunsky: “



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Michael Labunsky is a technical and scientific genius. He has puplished many patents, and stared up and succsefully rebuilt many companies. One of his latest inventions, sold to Rippey inc., A method and apparatus for conditioning a polishing pad is described. The method includes steps of moving a cylindrical roller having an abrasive substance affixed to it against a moving polishing pad. The roller may be passively rotated by contact with the polishing pad, or actively
reciprocated, while maintaining a pressure against the polishing pad. The apparatus includes a cylindrical roller attached to one or more pressure application devices mechanically connected to the roller. Another one of his patents is technique for integrating a film thickness monitoring sensor within a load and unload unit of a cluster tool (30) for performing chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP). In order to determine CMP performance, a sensor (60) (or sensors) for determining film thickness is/are integrated within the load and unload unit (41) of the cluster tool (30). Accordingly, film thickness measurements can then be taken at discrete times during the processing cycle without removing the wafer from the cluster tool (30). Some of his life achievment include the following:
2001 to 2003, Rippey Corp., Senior Project Manager, Advanced Products and Processes
• Developed and executed multi-functional project’s Goals, Objectives and Strategies.
• Created cross- functional team responsible for Design, Review and Approval of Products and Processes.
• Set and implemented budget, schedules and man- power for Capitol Equipment Expenditures.
• Initiated early- stage business contacts and JDP in Asia, Europe and USA
• Initiated critical IP, managed engineering and technical efforts.

1999 to 2001, Thomas West, Inc., Senior Project Manager, Advanced Product Development.
• Build world –class Engineering organization from the ground up.
• Secured major accounts trough innovation in Processing Technology and Material Research.
• Initiated Joint Development Program(s) with leaders in the field: AMAT, Seagate, Cabot.
• Led team of engineers in development of novel products and processes. Changed market perception of company valuation from ‘Consumable Supplier’ to ‘Value Added Suppler’.
• Improved product’s performance through development of proprietary technologies.
• Managed R & D budget, evaluated and acquired capital and analytical equipment.

1996 to 1999, LAM Research Corporation, 300mm Project Development Manager
• Led team of engineers and technicians in design, prototype development and evaluation of 300 mm CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) platform, broadened LAM’s technology portfolio with critical and competitive capabilities.
• Managed cross-functional teams responsible for improvements in design of systems and critical assemblies
• Secured major accounts through process innovations.
• Managed project budgets, man- power and schedules.

1994-1996, National Semiconductor Corporation, CMP Equipment Manager
Managed research, development and operation of CMP, Cleaning, CVD and PVD equipment:
• Evaluated, qualified, selected, and set up variety of specialized equipment (IPEC 472 CMP machines, SpeedFam Auriga, DSS 200 scrubbers, AMAT 5000 CVD, Varian M2000 etc.)
• Developed novel method of FMEA (failure mode and effect analyses), used resulting data as part of negotiated service contracts.
• Introduced on-line accessible preventive maintenance and operation specifications.
• Identified training objectives and managed cross-training for equipment engineers, maintenance technicians and operators.
• Assessed emerging semiconductor processes and advanced production tools for NSC.
• Provided forecasts, operating and capital budgets

1991-1995, Solby Grand, Inc., Manager, Technology Evaluation and Licensing
Established and managed acquisition and licensing group:
• Selected, licensed, and implemented magnetic bearing spindle drive technology at major German textile manufacturer
• Evaluated E-Beam and X-ray lithography capabilities at Russian Academy of Science
• Developed and managed pilot production of zirconium-coated surgical (ophthalmologic) instruments at Synthetic Diamonds Research Center, Ukrainian Academy of Science

1983 – 1991, Intel Corporation, Senior Equipment Engineer
Managed evaluation, production line implementation, and continuous improvements of CVD
and PVD systems, device yields and machine throughput enhancements:
• Developed and implemented high-yield Ti / W barrier layer in x86 family of microprocessors.
• Directed evaluation and implementation of advanced Fab design and construction methods.
• Conceptualized and executed intensive modifications of thin-film and metrology systems.
• Selected, evaluated and set-up specialized sputter and chemical vapor deposition systems (Anelva 1015I Sputter Cluster and Applied Materials AMAT 5000 CVD) in Santa Clara R&D center.
• Established and implemented maintenance and operational procedures.
• Trained maintenance technicians and Fab operators.
• Tracked project progress, budgets and schedules.

University of Moscow, MSME, 1978.
Additional course work: Vacuum, Etch, CVD, PVD and CMP technology; Art of Management; Business Fundamentals For Engineering Professionals

Gordon Moore Technical Excellence Award

US6132289 for film thickness measurement; US6086460 for pad conditioning apparatus;
US6328637 for method and apparatus for conditioning a polishing pad used in CMP;
99914034.6-2302 for apparatus and method for in-situ film thickness monitoring;
US 20020137431 A1 for Methods and apparatus for polishing and planarization.

Current Member, American Vacuum Society

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