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Menzel Jemil

Menzel Jemil: “

Abdallah Chouchen: Menzel Jemil

”’Menzel Jemil”’ ( arabic : منزل جميل ) which means in the Arabic language ‘ The beautiful hostel ‘. It is a coastal town in northeastern Tunisia, about 55 kilometers away from the capital Tunis, and it belongs to the governorate of Bizerte.

The Remel beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia. It is also the panoramic view of the huge Remel forest.

Menzel Jemil has an important industrial zone where foreign and local firms are installed; most of them deal with textile industry and wiring.

A very dynamic souq is held every Thursday. The town also represents an important military base, due to its strategic location, at the far north of Tunisia.

Most of the inhabitants are farmers or working overseas.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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