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Martin Dixon

Martin Dixon: “

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{{Infobox MP
|image =
|name = Martin Dixon
|honorific-suffix = [[Member of Parliament#Australia|MP]]
|caption =
|constituency_MP = [[Electoral district of Nepean|Nepean]]
|parliament = Australian
|term_start = 1996
|term_end = present
|predecessor = Tony Hyams
|successor = Incumbent
|birth_date =
|birth_place =
|death_date =
|death_place =
|party = [[Liberal Party of Australia]]
|alma_mater = [[Australian Catholic University]] and [[La Trobe University]]
|occupation =
|profession = Education
|website = []
|footnotes =

”’Martin Dixon”’ is an [[Australia]]n [[politician]]. He is a [[Liberal Party of Australia]] member of the [[Victorian Legislative Assembly]]. He currently serves as Shadow [[Minister for Education]] and as a member of the the Commonwealth Election Observers Panel. Dixon was elected as the Member for the [[Electoral district of Dromana]] at the [[Victorian state election, 1996|1996]] and [[Victorian state election, 1999|1999]] Victorian state elections. At the [[Victorian state election, 2002|2002 Victorian state election]], after the electoral boundaries were redistributed in 2001, Dixon was elected as the first Member of the newly created [[Electoral district of Nepean]]. He was reelected for this seat at the [[2006 Victorian state election]].

Dixon was educated at [[Marcellin College]], the [[Australian Catholic University]] and [[La Trobe University]]. Prior to entering Parliament, he worked as a teacher, a school principal and as Deputy Chairman of Primary Education at the Catholic Education Office in [[Melbourne]].


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[[Category:Liberal Party of Australia politicians]]
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[[Category:Victoria (Australia) state politicians]]

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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