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Madness (Elton John song)

Madness (Elton John song): “

ThomasWL: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Infobox Song <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs –> | | Name = Madness | Type = [[Song]] | Artist = [[Elton John]] | Album = [[A Singl…’

{{Infobox Song <!– See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs –> |
| Name = Madness
| Type = [[Song]]
| Artist = [[Elton John]]
| Album = [[A Single Man]]
| Cover = Elton John – A Single Man.jpg
| track_no = 9
| Released = [[October 16]], [[1978 in music|1978]]
| Recorded = January-September 1978
| Genre = [[Rock music|Rock]], [[Pop music|Pop]]
| Length = 5:53
| Label = [[MCA Records|MCA]] (US/Canada)<br> [[Rocket Records]]
| Writer = [[Elton John]], [[Gary Osborne]]
| Producer = Clive Franks, Elton John
| prev = ‘[[Shooting Star (Elton John song|Shooting Star]]’
| prev_no = 8
| next = ‘[[Reverie (Elton John song)|Reverie]]’
| next_no = 10
”’Madness”’ is a song by [[Elton John]] with lyrics by [[Gary Osborne]]. It is the ninth track off his 1978 album, ‘[[A Single Man]]’.

==Musical structure==
The song starts out with a piano fade-in, played in a classical manor. The rhythm section is driven by a [[Disco music|disco]]-esque 4/4 beat, and in the middle of the song, a string section is featured giving it a more modern feel. John also sings in a high [[falsetto]] range in the choruses. Towards the end of the song, the song gets more and more chaotic, fitting with the lyrics. The song fades out as John screams the lyrics.

==Lyrical meaning==
This song deals with problems of the world, and there are many references to fires and catastrophies. The chaotic orchestration and melody illustrates that very well. There are also poverty and war issues mentioned, and a world that just doesn’t understand peace.

*Elton John – [[piano]], vocals
*Tim Renwick – [[Electric guitar|guitars]]
*Clive Franks – [[Bass guitar|bass]]
*Steve Holly – [[Drum kit|drums]]
*[[Ray Cooper]] – [[percussion]], [[timpani]]
*[[Paul Buckmaster]] – orchestral arrangements

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