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List of films set in Shanghai

List of films set in Shanghai: “

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The following is a list of films set wholly or partially in [[Shanghai]].

* ”[[Shanghai Express (film)|Shanghai Express]]” (1932), starring [[Marlene Dietrich]]
* ”[[Le Drame de Shanghaï]]” (1938), directed by [[Georg Wilhelm Pabst]], filmed in [[France]] and in [[Ho Chi Minh City|Saigon]]
* ”[[The Shanghai Gesture]]” (1941), directed by [[Josef von Sternberg]]
* ”[[Fist of Fury]]” (1972), starring [[Bruce Lee]]
* ”[[Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom]]” (1984), starring Harrison Ford, begins in fictional Club Obi-Wan in Shanghai
* ”[[Shanghai Surprise]]” (1986), starring [[Madonna (entertainer)|Madonna]] and [[Sean Penn]]
* ”[[Empire of the Sun (film)|Empire of the Sun]]” (1987), directed by [[Steven Spielberg]]
* ”[[Fist of Legend]]” (”Jingwu yingxiong”, 1994), action movie starring [[Jet Li]], a remake of ”[[Fist of Fury]]”
* ”[[Shanghai Triad]]” (”Yao a yao yao dao waipo qiao”, 1995), directed by [[Zhang Yimou]]
* ”[[A Romance in Shanghai]]” (新上海假期) (1996), starring [[Fann Wong]]
* ”[[Shanghai Grand]]” (1996), starring [[Leslie Cheung]], [[Andy Lau]] and [[Ning Jing]]
* ”[[Temptress Moon]]” (”Feng yue”, 1996), directed by [[Chen Kaige]]
* ”[[Armageddon (film)|Armageddon]]” (1998) destroyed by an asteroid and tsunami
* ”[ Eighteen Springs]” (”Bansheng yuan”, 1998), directed by [[Ann Hui|Ann Hui On-wah]]
* ”[[Flowers of Shanghai]]” (”Haishang hua”, 1998), directed by [[Hou Hsiao-Hsien]]
* ”[[Shanghai Noon]]” (2000), starring [[Jackie Chan]] and [[Owen Wilson]]
* ”[[Suzhou River]]” (”Suzhou he”, 2000), directed by [[Lou Ye]]
* ”[[Code 46]]” (2003), directed by [[Michael Winterbottom]], starring [[Tim Robbins]]
* ”[[Purple Butterfly]]” (”Zi hudie”, 2003), directed by [[Lou Ye]], starring [[Zhang Ziyi]]
* ”[[Shanghai Knights]]” (2003), sequel to ”Shanghai Noon”, starring Jackie and Owen Wilson
* ”[[Godzilla: Final Wars]]” (2004), in which [[Anguirus]] attacks the city and destroys the [[Oriental Pearl Tower]]
* ”[[Kung Fu Hustle]]” (”Gongfu”, 2004), directed by Stephen Chow
* ”[[Everlasting Regret]]” (2005), directed by [[Stanley Kwan]]
* ”[[The White Countess]]” (2005), with Ralph Fiennes
* ”[[Fearless (2006 film)|Fearless]]” (2006), directed by [[Ronny Yu]], starring [[Jet Li]]
* ”[[Perhaps Love]]” (2005), directed by [[Peter Chan]]
* ”[[Mission Impossible 3]]” (2006), starring [[Tom Cruise]]
* ”[[The Painted Veil (2006 film)|The Painted Veil]]” (2006), starring [[Edward Norton]] and [[Naomi Watts]]
* ”[[Ultraviolet (film)|Ultraviolet]]” (2006), starring [[Milla Jovovich]]
* ”[[Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer]]” (2007), the top of the [[Oriental Pearl Tower]] is knocked off by [[Doctor Doom]]
* ”[[Lust, Caution (2007 film)|Lust, Caution]]” (2007), directed by [[Ang Lee]] and based on the novella by [[Eileen Chang]]
* ”[[Shanghai Kiss]]” (2007), starring [[Ken Leung]] and [[Hayden Panettiere]]

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