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Jono faulds

Jono faulds: “


”’Jonathan Faulds”’ commonly known as Fauldsiani and Jono (born September 16th 1992)is a well known person in his area for working as a social networking creator [ link title]

{{Infobox Musical artist
|Name = Jono Faulds
|Img =
|Img_capt =
|Img_size = 187
|Birth_name = Jonathan George Faulds
|Born = {{Birth date and age|1992|9|16}}
|Origin = {{flagicon|Italy}}
|birthplace = [[Reading]] [[United Kingdom]]
|Occupation = [[Network Creator]]
|Years_active = [[2008]]–Present
|height = {{height|m=1.73}}

== Mini Biography ==

[[Jonathan]] was born in Royal Berkshire Hospital [[Reading]] to a [[English]] mother and a [[Italian]] father. He is a mix of Italian/English descent.

His Father works as a contractor for the [[Prudential]] and his mother works as a University assistant.
Jonathan resides his hometown to where his father is from [[Rome]].

He is a [[A.S. Roma]] supporter.
He has a younger sister called Laura, or commonly known as Lara.
He has a act for liking Music before his time, listening to such music [[Tears For Fears]],[[Foreigner]],[[Simple Minds]] and many other 80’s bands.

== Computing Career ==

Since [[August]] 2008, he has created his own site which is a [[Website]] which allows you to connect with your friends and create a page. Although it is not well known, yet it is however making progress. He also on a side hobby fixes computers.

The site was created by Jonathan, but is a family run site with his Sister as a site administrator and his cousin as a site administrator.

The site offers you to upload videos through [[Youtube]] by simply copy and pasting the urls across. Also it offers you to build your own applications through [[Facebook]] which can allow you to use it on [[Facebook]] and [[Faulds Networking]].
The site is simply to connect you with your friends, upload photos using a [[java]] script and uploading music through your personal [[music player]]. The site also allows you to move modules around your own page, create skins, use skins, comment on blogs, and make your profile private.

September the site grew with many members joining onto the site. Since this side project has started to become a success.

== Quote ==

Quote from a friend:

He loves [[Jess]] very much 🙂

== School ==

He attends [[Forest School]]Currently in year 11.
Currently doing his Gcse’s and hoping to carry on school after year 11.


-[[Business Studies]]

Former Schools he went to were:
[[Loddon Juniors]] [[Loddon Infants]]

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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