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Jace Dison

Jace Dison: “


(hang on)
Jace Sawyer Dison was born on Feberuary 19, 1991 to the parents of Gary and Deborh Dison in Hueytown, Alabama. For the first 5 years of this young mans life he was called by the name of Brandon.

He is an advivd gamer and owns 3 systems, and on occacians skates with childhood friend scott wallace.Jace is currently trying to earn his GED and is planning to attende ITT Tech.

He is also seen spending most his time hanging out with one of his best friends tanner mason.They uselly hang out and get into other shananigins.

Jace plans to one day move to stutgart, germany for reasons unknown, but plans to return for vists to family and friends

He listens to many different types of music rap, rock, and metal.
Some bands include Tenacious D, metalica, DIO, CKY, HIM, Dethklok, born of osirus, and many more.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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