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Great Raise Houston

Great Raise Houston: ”


”The Great Raise Houston” is a localized reality show based on ”The Amazing Race”. It is hosted by former ”Amazing Race 7” winners Uchenna and Joyce Agu.

It features 10 teams of 2 completing missions in Houston and the surrounding areas while trying to raise money for the Houston Food Bank. The first episode is scheduled to air October 18, 2008 on Houston’s KHOU, CBS 11.

The ten teams are…

”’Anna & Wayne”’: Insurance Specialist and IT Pro / Amateur Comedian

”’Ashley & Mindy”’: Students and Best Friends

”’Mikki & Carlos”’: Former Playboy and Playgirl models

”’Cindy and Erica”’: Mother and Daughter Philanthropists

”’Arshad & Pammy”’: he-chiropractor & lawyer she works fulltime and MBA student

”’Jama & Heike”’: friends and triathletes

”’Lauren & Adam”’: sister & brother, family entrepreneurs

”’Adriana & Donovan”’: newleyweds, she-Neuropsychologist, he-Inspector

”’Bob & Vanessa”’: friends-mortg. consultant & nurse practioner

”’Bryan & Jillian”’: best friends and hair stylists


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