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François Naville

François Naville: “

Hup: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Infobox Scientist | name = François Naville | image = | imagesize = | caption = | birth_date = {{birth date…’

{{Infobox Scientist
| name = François Naville
| image =
| imagesize =
| caption =
| birth_date = {{birth date|1883|06|14}}
| birth_place = [[Neuchâtel]], [[Switzerland]]
| death_date = {{death date and age|1968|4|3|1883|6|14}}
| death_place = [[Geneva]]
| nationality = [[Switzerland]]
| field = [[Medicine]]
| work_institutions =
| alma_mater =
| doctoral_advisor =
| doctoral_students =
| known_for =
| prizes =

”’François Naville”’ ([[June 14]], [[1883]] – [[April 3]], [[1968]]) was a [[swiss]] [[physician]].

==Katyn affair==
:”’On April 13th 1943, the German radio announced that a common grave containing the corpses of Polish officers was found in the forest of Katyn, near Smolensk. Further enquiries showed that the dead bodies were those of officers imprisoned by the Russians in autumn 1939 and about who nobody had news since Springtime 1940. The CICR refused to deal with this problem without the agreement of the Soviets. So the Germans called together a committee of international experts to examine the grave in Katyn. Prof. Francis Naville, director of the medico-legal Institute of the University of Geneva, was the only expert really neutral in that commission. He had the merit to prove quite clearly that these criminal executions were ordered by Stalin. After the Second World War, Prof. Naville was criticised for having accepted to participate to the mission to Katyn by [[Jean Vincent]], a deputy of the Swiss labour party (communist party) who claimed that the [[Katyn massacre|massacre of Katyn]] had been done by the Germans. Prof. Naville got no support from the [[CICR]], who ‘did not want to know’ who was responsible in order to avoid diplomatic complications with the Soviet Union. Only in 1989 the discovery of Prof. Naville was accepted and confirmed by the Soviet authorities.”'<ref>[[Kazimierz Karbowski]], [ ”Professeur François Naville (1883 – 1968): Son rôle dans l’enquête sur le massacre de Katyn”], Texte élargi des conférences du 31 octobre 2002 à l’Université des aînés de langue francaise
à Berne (UNAB), ainsi que du 14 novembre 2002 à la Société d’Histoire et d’Archéologie à



|NAME=Naville, François
|SHORT DESCRIPTION=Swiss physician
|DATE OF BIRTH={{birth date|1883|6|14|mf=y}}
|PLACE OF BIRTH=[[Neuchâtel]], [[Switzerland]]
|DATE OF DEATH={{death date|1968|4|3|mf=y}}
|PLACE OF DEATH=[[Geneva]], [[Switzerland]]
{{Lifetime|1883|1968|Naville, François}}
[[Category:Swiss physicians]]

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