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Flat Top Island

Flat Top Island: “

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[[Image:MaatsuykerGroup.png|thumb|Map of the Maatsuyker Islands]]
”’Flat Top Island”’ is a 1.58 [[hectare|ha]] island in south-eastern [[Australia]]. It is part of the [[Maatsuyker Islands|Maatsuyker Island Group]], lying close to the southern end of the south-western coast of [[Tasmania]]. It is also part of the [[Southwest National Park]], and thus within the [[Tasmanian Wilderness]] [[World Heritage Site]].<ref name=Brothers2001>Brothers, Nigel; Pemberton, David; Pryor, Helen; & Halley, Vanessa. (2001). ”Tasmania‚Äôs Offshore Islands: seabirds and other natural features”. Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery: Hobart. ISBN 0-7246-4816-X</ref>

Recorded breeding [[seabird]] species are the [[Short-tailed Shearwater]] (400 pairs), [[Fairy Prion]] (5000 pairs), [[Common Diving-Petrel]] (1000 pairs) and [[Pacific Gull]]. The island is a [[hauling-out|haul-out]] site for the [[Australian Fur Seal]]. The [[Tasmanian Tree Skink]] is present.<ref name=Brothers2001/>


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