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Elias Riggs

Elias Riggs: “

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”’Elias Riggs”’ (1810-1901) was an [[United States|American]] [[Presbyterian]] missionary and linguist born in [[New Providence]], [[New Jersey]]. During his missionary activities in the [[Ottoman Empire]] he contributed greatly to the [[Bulgarian National Revival]], and organized the first translation (by [[Neofit Rilski]]), printing and dissemination of the [[Bible]] in modern [[Bulgarian language]]. Riggs did research on [[Biblical Aramaic|Chaldee Language]], and also guided the translation of the Bible into modern [[Armenian language]].

[[Riggs Peak]] on [[Smith Island (South Shetland Islands)|Smith Island]], [[South Shetland Islands]] is named after Elias Riggs.

* Georgi Genov. American Elias Riggs and his contribution to the Bulgarian National Revival. ”Historical Archives”. Sofia, Issue 9-10, November 2000 – May 2001. ([ Bulgarian version])

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[[Category:American Christian missionaries]]

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