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For my dearest Dude on his special day.

It’s not every day that your buddy has a birthday. That’s a fact (look it up). On this special day, I see nothing short of a blazing opportunity to resuscitate something that’s spent more time flat-lining than Kiefer Sutherland himself: this comic, as well as the cornucopia of ideas that spurs from therein.

See below my first attempt at something that might soon be our next struggling and underfed endeavor.  When writing a weakSauce greeting card, to celebrate a birthday no less, there are at least a few things I tried to keep in mind.  In this case, my list was simple:

1. Audience–my dearest dude, my best friend, my partner in crime.

2. Message–wry, adorable, and funny: three attributes of our very relationship hopefully exemplified here.

3. Presentation–subtle, intentional, and (of course) repetitive: something that’s gained us a love/hate relationship with many (sooo many).

With that all said, imagine with me now that you have just received this card.  You’ve opened the envelope, a bright canary yellow with “Jordo” scribbled on the front.  Pulling out the card, you notice blue and green landscape accented by a mystery chair and multi-culti couch, and adorned with a few sentences scrawled out as such:

B-Day Front

Now continue to imagine with me as we move from the front of the card, gripping its outer edge, tugging it gently in your direction, and revealing the splendor that is within:
B-Day Inside

Happy Birthday, Jordo!  I can’t tell you how happy I am that we’ve managed to stay friends all this time–particularly considering how fleeting our investments are in common interests, projects, and goals 🙂  Let’s make this happen!


Do you heart weakSauce?

There is a time and a place for everything, they say.  Well, if you heart weakSauce, there is a place for you and the time to go there is now, we say.  Join the collective on facebook if you’re too intimidated (or lazy) to post and discuss things out here in the vast, dark limits of the uncharted internet.


For fear of trying something new

The other night I put honey in my stir fry.  It was delish.  I’m not always that fortunate when I jump into things whimsically.

I remember once I decided to cut my hair.  And to dye it.  I had the shaggy locks cut low and clean, revealing the shape of my skull.  Then, in what retrospectively seems like a subconscious effort to highlight my cranial irregularities, I had the kind woman–against her best interests as a hair stylist, I assure you–bleach every last tint and hue of brown out of what little hair I had left.  What was left was not ideal.

For fear of jumping into something ignorant of my misshapen outcome, I want to poll the audience.  Check out the most recent comic, Freakin’ iPhones, and sound back with feedback on this question: should we continue to include our anecdotal weakSauce in the position it there resides, or should we traffic another avenue? (a separate post altogether, or maybe the first comment on the post of the comic?)

Please let me know.  I would hate to be mistakenly proud of a dumb-founded idea.


An update

As you can probably tell, we’re still working on getting things organized and hammered down before we can officially announce weakSauce as being “open for business.”  Additional morsels to the Timeline of weakSauce on the “what do you mean, weakSauce?” page will continue to be posted regularly to stave off your ever-increasing appetite.  Expect to see a pretty-well-covered depiction of history presented before the regular comics start to roll.

I bought a new scanner (a first for me!) and a lot of experimentation has ensued.  So far, I’ve been very happy with the results.  As you may have noticed, the only consistency in artistic style so far has been the fact that we’ve been consistently inconsistent.  Expect this to continue.  Different comic strips call for different feels, environments, attitudes.  Just like you wouldn’t expect to see Sasquatch in a suit and tie, you shouldn’t expect to see a joke that doesn’t fit in its attire.

Consider each strip to be a Sasquatch, mysterious and awesome, and the artwork that accompanies each strip to be the appropriately tangled, vine-entrenched forest he occupies, matched perfectly to both his mysterious and his awesome.



A work in progress

If you’ve somehow stumbled upon this page and are wondering what is going on, let me tell you that it is a Work In Progress (with capital W, I, and P).

Once we’ve figured everything out and gotten into a bit of a rhythm (give us a couple of weeks), you can expect to see regular comic production.  For right now, I would say you can count on seeing 2-3 good comics per week, and then maybe a few bad ones as well–if you’re lucky!

Hang in tight for the meantime, and come back to check out the blog periodically.  Once we get into a regular schedule, you’ll know.  I promise it will be worth the wait.


Coming Fall ’08

An inside joke, but a good one nonetheless.