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Capital Planning

Filed under: TLEP — vkurt at 11:17 am on Friday, February 11, 2011

I really enjoyed Bob Waddle’s presentation on Capital Planning of the Wolfe Center and Stroh Center. They answered alot of interesting questions that people have been wondering about as we see the Stroh and Wolfe Center being built and also the new housing going up around campus. I learned that there is alot more that goes into building a new facility than I thought. A few challenges that they briefly talked about was about cutting out some things in order to have the more expensive necessities. When talking about the Stroh Center, they decided to put a less expensive flooring down around the center of the court because for one they will save money and two the bleachers go on top of this floor so you do not really see it. Thats something that I am noticing alot of planning teams have to do because in order to have a great center floor, which I’m sure is expensive, they got a cheaper floor to go around it but it still looks good. The rewards are huge, not only will we have new facilities around campus but that is one thing that drives students to a campus. New housing, new gymnasium and new art center. BGSU is beginning to be very innovative with their facilities and with adding on. There is a huge market of College Campuses and in order for Bowling Green, OH to compete with The Ohio State University and other bigger campuses we have to renovate and build new facilities to get the campus eye catching and for students to come!

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