Inclass 6

Part 1:

I followed the tutorial as it stated and took the temperature bar to 2950 and the tint slider to + 2.  I made sure to take the white balance tool and select the grey area in the window to make sure the white  balance was correct.


Part 2:

For these two images, I followed the tutorial as it stated and changed the exposure range so it made the images much better in the end.  I also took the black slider tool for the second image and slid it till it gave it some deep shadows in the image.


Part 3:

I took this one and took the camera raw format to use the clarity slider and slide it to +75 as the tutorial stated.  Which in turn gave much sharper edges to the image.

Part 4:

I took this image into camera raw and drug the clarity slider as stated in the tutorial to -50 to soften up the image.


Part 5:

For this image, I took the fill light and lightened up the dark image and also took the black slider bar and put it to about 8 to make sure that it followed the directions as stated in the tutorial.


Part 6:

I changed the level curves on both of these photos as the tutorial stated in camera raw.  I followed the directions by sliding the slider till it was at the right area.


Part 7:

I used the crop tool at a 2 to 3 ratio to make a landscape photo, once in the right area I double clicked and let the raw format select the photo.


Part 8:

For this, I used the straighten bar in the raw format to line the horizon and let raw straighten out the image.


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