Research project 3


For this project, I looked into all different sorts of magazine spreads ranging from ones with writing and small images to ones that had dominate images and little text.  Through searching the three subjects, I found that doing a magazine spread on food was what interested me the most.  I then researched everything I could on magazine spreads with food.  After doing extensive research on the subject I found that I will will be doing a desert spread with mostly pies and cakes.  From the imagery that I have and found on the internet, cakes and pies were the ones that provided the highest and most distinct quality of images.


Through all of the found images, I like how they all have a white background to them, it makes them easier to cut out and place into my spread.  I really like the one image with the white background fifth from the top.  This image would allow for me to make it a dominant image on the front page of the with text wrapping around it.  For one of my sketches I had a image that was meant for this purpose and I would like to include that in my final image.  A thing that I don’t like about some of the images though is some of them are too dark for the spread.  I think I want to have a warm appeal to this spread and by using some of these darker cake images it may turn away from the subject matter.



Throughout doing the rough sketches, I found that I liked to have space for writing with medium sized images included throughout the spread.  I think that this gets the point across more than huge images with little writing.  I liked how some of the images I saw online had the first page with a image coming from the inside center to the middle.  I tried to incorporate this into my half sized sketches and hopefully it works out when I try to incorporate it into my final imagery.  I like to keep the title up at the top on the front page even though in my rough sketches I experimented with the placement of the title.  Throughout it though, I only found the top of the page to be the place to include the title. I didn’t like to include having bigger images on the second page then the first.  It seemed to me that this was taking away from the importance of the first page.

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