In class 3

Part 1:

This was the hardest one of them all I think.  The hair was hard to get refined,  How I did it is I took the image of the man and I magic lasso’ed the outline of the man. After I had that completed I took the refine edge tool and made sure to to get rid of most of the unwanted material.  After that I took the erase tool inside the refine edge block and erased the background so that only the hair would show.

Part 2:

I the original image and made a copy of it.  Using this copied layer I made it black and white using the adjustment layer in photoshop.  After I had the two layers completed, I took the eraser tool and made sure to delete the black and white images that needed to be in color as the final photo indicated.

Part 3:

I took the five images given and instead of taking them into adobe bridge and photo-merging them that way, I just photo-merged them through photoshop giving me the same ending dialog box but saving time.  I cropped the images so it looked like a proper image and made sure that all of the images lined up in the end.

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