Featured Study Space – Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives

Stressed about finals? Come visit us in the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives on the third floor of Jerome Library! We have books, scores, and recordings to support curriculum in Music, Popular Culture, and American Culture Studies. 

If you’re writing papers, we have several Mac and PC computer workstations, a copier/printer, and two scanners, as well as helpful reference staff for music-related topics.

Just need study space? Come enjoy our comfy seating and work tables that can easily accommodate larger study groups.

Need a study break? Search our collections in the library catalog and relax while listening to some great music. We have almost a million recordings spanning nearly every conceivable genre from classical to heavy metal to reggae to bluegrass that you can hear in our listening room!  

Featured Study Space – Visit the CRC

As we get ready for finals, each day we’ll feature some of the lesser-known study spaces in the Jerome Library. Floors 2 through 5 house our Special Collections, but can also be great places to study, away from the crowds!

Curriculum Resource Center

What do Katniss Everdeen, Winnie the Pooh, and Jackie Robinson all have in common? They’re all characters in books available at the Curriculum Resource Center!

And if studying has got you down this Finals Week, why not treat yourself to reading The Hunger Games, Finding Winnie, or Jackie’s Bat? And while you’re picking up a copy at the CRC, why not stay to study?

The Curriculum Resource Center is the ideal place to tuck away and study during Finals Week. In addition to many group study tables, we have an entire classroom, Room 210B, at your disposal (just check the schedule posted outside to see if it’s available). A few of our tables are even tucked away from foot traffic if you really desire a quiet place to work.

As an added bonus, you’ll be surrounded by children’s and young adult literature, games, classroom activities, puppets, die-cut machines, and other charming distractions for when your brain is full and you need a break.

Expand your study space and study away from the crowd. Although Room 210B and the teaching aids shutter up by 10:00 PM, the CRC’s main floor closes when the library closes – which is pretty much never during Finals Week.

Come visit us. Even if it’s just to say “hi” or check out a great children’s book.

Prepare for Finals – Extended Hours at the Library

Need extra time to work on papers and exams? Have your own special spot in the library where you like to study? Need access to books and other library resources? The University Libraries extends its hours of operation (24-5 Sunday through Thursday) beginning Sunday,  December 3 to provide a safe and comfortable research and study environment free of disruption for our students, staff, and faculty.

Important reminder:  Circulation services as well as access to our laptops, headphones, and reserve materials will be available until 2:00 am.  Library patrons will have access to the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th floors throughout the night. Campus Police will be stationed in the library throughout the night to ensure student safety.

The Wm. T. Jerome Library offers more than 200 computers, quiet study space throughout the building, and a variety of collaborative group study locations. To reserve a group study space, click here.

For more information about our hours, visit http://ul2.bgsu.edu/hours.

Best of luck to everyone on their finals!

Reaching For The Stars

Author Mark Kelly Inspires BG Audience With Tales From Life as a Pilot, Astronaut and Tragedy Survivor

By Shay Carroll

As part of events commemorating its 50th anniversary celebration, University Libraries hosted astronaut and author Mark Kelly to headline the Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories lecture series this fall.

The former Navy officer and NASA astronaut shared his experiences through witty and moving tales to a crowd of several hundred enthusiastic listeners.

Kelly has been to space a total of four times, the first two aboard the STS-108 Endeavour and STS-121 Discovery.

“For my first two flights, I was the pilot,” Kelly said. “For the STS-124 Discovery mission, I was the commander. Being the commander is different, as you’re responsible for the entire mission, for the safety of all of your crew members.”

Kelly inspired the audience with many harrowing and hilarious anecdotes about his life’s trials and tribulations, including his rocky start to becoming a pilot. He described his poor performance on his first attempt to land on an aircraft carrier and how he nearly crashed his plane, prompting the flight evaluator to ask him afterward: “Are you sure this is the right career for you?”

Kelly didn’t give up, though, and redoubled his efforts.BEEG6371

“How good you are at the beginning of something isn’t an indicator of how well you’ll do later,” Kelly said.

One of the first points Kelly expanded upon was that there was never an excuse for not communicating with teammates, describing one event in particular where he didn’t properly communicate with a pilot he was working with during a combat mission over Iraq, which very nearly resulted in getting both him and his partner killed.

“I tell my teams that they are required to question my decisions – especially if they believe it will affect the mission and crew’s safety,” Kelly said. “A group is just as capable of making dumb decisions as one individual, and group think can be dangerous when people are hesitant to contradict anyone else.”

Kelly also spoke candidly about wife Gabrielle Giffords, a former U.S. congresswoman who shot outside a Tuscon supermarket in 2011 while meeting with constituents. While she survived being shot in the head, Giffords now has aphasia – a language disorder resulting from brain injury that leaves its victims with the loss of ability to comprehend or express speech properly.

Kelly and Giffords wrote about the tragedy in their 2011 book, “Gabby: A Story of Courage.”

“It was a learning experience for both of us in terms of patience, and in terms of decision making,” Kelly said of his wife’s shooting and subsequent recovery.

In another moving story, Kelly explained how after Giffords was shot, the doctors needed to perform surgery and repair parts of her skull, and decided to change the way they did the procedure the day before it was scheduled to happen, which led to Kelly questioning how group decisions are made and what the best course of action would be – something he has carried into his career and how he makes safety decisions for his own crew.

Kelly’s last words of advice were from his wife.

“She spent most of the morning trying to articulate just what she wanted to say to all of you,” Kelly said, addressing the crowd. “Right before I left, this is what she finally decided on:  ‘Be bold, be courageous, and be your best.’ And I think that’s all we can really hope to be in life.”

Take a sneak peak inside the Browne Popular Culture Library

This past spring, Visual Communication Technology student Linda Peralez stopped by the Ray & Pat Browne Library for Popular Culture Studies to film a short documentary. Featuring Head Librarian Nancy Down and Manuscripts & Outreach Archivist Steve Ammidown as well as Department of Popular Culture Lecturer Dr. Charles Coletta, this documentary gives a brief history of the library as well as a glimpse inside its amazing and eclectic collections. Take a peek, and then come see for yourself!

A special thanks to Linda Peralez for allowing us to share her excellent work with you.

Research Appointments Now Available

University Libraries is offering Individual Research Appointments (IRAs) to students. IRAs provide students with the opportunity to work one-on-one with a librarian on a specific research assignment. Students will develop search strategies, identify various print and electronic resources and discover services available in the University Libraries.

IRAs are designed for undergraduate students. (The Libraries offer a similar service for graduate students. Call 2-6943 or stop by the Research & Information Desk for more information.) Students must sign up for appointments by midnight of the day before the requested appointment date to allow for preparation. Students must also have a specific assignment or project and will be asked to state their topic when setting up their appointment.

IRAs are offered Monday-Friday.   To schedule an appointment, call 419-372-6943, or stop by the Research & Information Desk on the first floor of the Jerome Library.

Fall Welcome- August 31

The Library and Learning Commons would like to invite all students to join us at the main entrance of the Wm. T. Jerome Library for our annual Fall Welcome Event on Thursday, August 31 from 2-4pm.  BGSU Athletics will also be here providing falcon swag.  See you then!

Get to know the new Nexis Uni!

One of our most popular databases, LexisNexis, has a new look and a new name – Nexis Uni!

However, even though it works a differently and has a different name, it is still one of our most important databases for full-text newspapers and legal and business information.

When you access Nexis Uni, you can search across all content from the big search box at the top of the page.

Nexis Uni search screen

Beneath it you will see options to do a more tailored search limited to news, cases, law reviews, company reviews, or a particular publication. Highlight the different options to see advanced search criteria specific to each. There is also a separate advanced search screen with even more granular options, including the ability to limit by date and content type.

You can filter after you search by many categories, including location (where the source is published), publication type, subject, industry, geography (what area of the world is covered by the content) and more.

Once you find what you are looking for and display the full item, you will see the options to print, email, download (to pdf), save to Google Drive, or search within the document text at the top of the page.

Screenshot showing Nexis Uni options

Users can create a personal account in Nexis Uni to save search settings, searches and documents within the database. Once you are logged in, you can also annotate and save documents. This is a great option for frequent users!

The new interface was released right before the beginning of fall semester, so we are still getting used to it! If you are interested in learning more about it, check out the Nexis Uni tutorials on YouTube, beginning with “How to Search from the Home Page.” You will also find tip sheets and can sign up for training sessions on the Nexis Uni Support & Training website.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories Lecture Featuring Author and Astronaut Mark Kelly

As part of our 50th anniversary celebration, the University Libraries will host astronaut and author Mark Kelly for its Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories lecture series on Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017.

With an extraordinary career of service to our military, our nation and humanity, Kelly has secured his place in history as a role model, modern-day pioneer and leader of distinction. Together with his identical twin brother, Scott, he has laid the groundwork for the future of space exploration as the subjects of an unprecedented NASA study on how space affects the human body.

Kelly is known for captivating audiences with lessons learned from his extensive travels and experiences in the Navy, outer space and on the ground. From leading teams in some of the most dynamic environments imaginable, to the thrill of spaceflight, and the recovery and resilience of his wife Gabrielle Giffords, he will reveal what he believes are the foundations for success to accomplish your mission in life and work.

Tickets for the event are free, but an RSVP is required. Guests who are interested in meeting Captain Kelly can attend the VIP reception prior to the event.  For more details, visit the event webpage.

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