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Library Login Becomes Easier

Library Login becomes easier on May 11th

The University Libraries is changing the way you log in to library resources on Monday, May 11th. BGSU Students, Faculty, and Staff will need only their BGSU username and password to log in for remote access to the research databases, OhioLINK and local requesting, and My Library Account. The BGSU username and password is the same one used for logging in to MyBGSU, campus email, and BGSU lab and library computers. Look for more information on the relevant log in screens on May 11th.

Library Internet Services Unavailable on April 3.

Late night researchers — plan ahead! All library internet services will be unavailable during the network outage on Friday, April 3 from 12:01 to 2 am. All internet access, including access to the Libraries catalog and My Library Account, OhioLINK requesting, database and ejournal access, the library webpage, and other web services will be unavailable during that time.


ProQuest Database and RefWorks Maintenance Saturday Feb 21st

Due to ProQuest platform maintenance, the following databases and services will be unavailable for 12 hours starting at 22:00 (10 pm) on Saturday, February 21st and ending Sunday, February 22nd, at 10:00 am.

American Periodical Series Online
Dissertation Abstracts
New York Times online
ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source
Safari Books Online
Ref Works

We apologize for any inconvenience.

OhioLINK EJC Down Morning of Feb 20

Service Restored 11:37 a.m.
From OhioLINK Staff: “The OhioLINK EJC has been unavailable since about 9:30 this morning.  We are aware of the problem and have systems engineers working on it.  We will post more info as needed.  Our apologies for the inconvenience.”


Many OhioLINK Resources Temporarily Unavailable

Update 5 am, Wednesday Feb 11, from OhioLINK:

*Available OhioLINK resources*: Library Catalog, Electronic Journal Center redirect page (redirects to publisher sites), Digital Media Center (all content is available), OSearch databases, Electronic Theses and Dissertation Center, Quick Search @ OhioLINK and the OhioLINK Web site, Electronic Books Center, the EAD, and Satellite images.

*Unavailable OhioLINK resources*: Some of the DRC instances are still unavailable.

Thank you for your continued patience during this process.

Update 6 pm, Tuesday Feb 10, from OhioLINK:

Update: Quick Search @ OhioLINK is back up, we forgot to mention it was down earlier. Another addition to the down list is the LANDSAT 7 Satellite Images collection.

Remote authentication now works for the majority of EJC publishers listed on the EJC home page, a few of the smaller ones may not work yet. Off-campus users who authenticate on the OhioLINK site will receive the right links to these publisher sites.


OhioLINK resources have been partially restored following a hardware upgrade that was completed this afternoon. Staff are now working to resolve some technical problems that resulted from the upgrade and to restore the remaining resources as quickly as possible.

Here’s where we currently stand:

Available OhioLINK resources: Library Catalog, Electronic Journal Center redirect page (redirects to publisher sites), Digital Media Center (content is only partially restored), OSearch databases, Electronic Theses and Dissertation Center, Quick Search @ OhioLINK and the OhioLINK Web site.

Unavailable OhioLINK resources: E-Book Center, Digital Resource Commons, LANDSAT 7 Satellite Images and the EAD Finding Aid Creation Tool and OhioLINK Repository.

Thank you for your continued patience during this process.

Many OhioLINK resources, except for the OhioLINK Library Catalog, are offline. The OhioLINK Web site may also be down during this period. Resources will come back online in stages.

We apologize for the inconvenience and the late notice of this outage, but it is necessary to fix the cause of the massive hardware failure that took place on February 4. This outage won’t address the EJC, that is a separate problem which we continue to work diligently on.


UPDATE 7:14 am, Monday Feb 9th: From the OhioLINK website:

Beginning Wednesday afternoon, February 4, the OhioLINK computer disk storage system suffered a widespread, and supposedly not possible, multiple component failure affecting all major services with the exception of the OhioLINK Library Catalog. We have restored all services except the Electronic Journal Center (EJC). Restoration of the EJC remains under vigorous analysis, but unfortunately we know that any solution will not be immediate. In light of this, we are taking immediate steps to provide alternative access to the resources of the EJC through the various Web sites of the EJC journal publishers.

As noted on this page, we have immediate access to many EJC publisher sites and are working to expand access to the rest as quickly as possible. While the EJC is down, we will continue to improve this site to direct you to the proper publishers. We will also work to adjust our systems that link article citations to full text in the EJC by redirecting links to the publisher sites. We are examining every possibility to keep you connected to resources you need and to improve that connectivity as quickly as possible, while the EJC is not available.

We will keep you up to date through this EJC Web page and the “New at OhioLINK” announcements at Your local library will also always know the latest news.

The OhioLINK staff is sincerely sorry for this significant disruption in services. We remain committed, as we have since 1992, to providing high quality information resources on a consistent and reliable basis to the Ohio higher education community.

Tom Sanville, Executive Director,
February 8, 2009

UPDATE 10:18 am, Saturday Feb 7th: OhioLINK is still rebuilding the directory for the EJC as of this morning. They have completed recovering disks from 8 of the 19 arrays.  The recovery process is expected to continue throughout today into the evening sometime. All other OhioLINK databases and electronic content centers have been restored. OhioLINK is posting more  detailed updates as they become available at the OhioLINK What’s New page.

UPDATE 6:20 pm, Friday Feb 6th: The Electronic Journal Center still cannot supply attached full content (abstracts & full text). OhioLINK is posting more  detailed updates as they become available at the OhioLINK What’s New page.

UPDATE 8 am, Friday Feb 6th: As of 8 am this morning, the EJC, EBC, and several OhioLINK databases were still not operational. OhioLINK has been working around the clock and is committed to getting service back as soon as possible. The Central Catalog and OhioLINK requesting remains available, as do many major databases. OhioLINK thanks you for your patience and apologizes for the disruption in access.

UPDATE 5:20 PM, Thursday Feb 5th — OhioLINK has restored service to some databases, but the EJC, the EBC, and other databases remain offline. Thank you for your patience.

OhioLINK servers suffered a major outage on the night of Wednesday February 4th 2009. OhioLINK is in the process of recovery at the moment. Many research databases, the EJC (Electronic Journal Center), and the Electronic Book Center may be affected. OhioLINK hopes to restore all service by the end of the day Thursday Feb 5th.

The Central Catalog and OhioLINK requesting are not affected at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience.