Awards and Recognitions

BGSU annually recognizes the value and support rendered by all faculty and staff in accomplishing its mission of providing the best possible environment for the student population. The following UL employees were recognized for their years of service at BGSU:

Chris Hesterman, Learning Commons, 10 years
Seneida Howard, Access Services (retired), 30 years
Stefanie Hunker, Browne Popular Culture Library, 20 years
Mardi Losoya-Rush, Cataloging and Technical Services, 30 years
Chris Miko, Library Teaching and Learning (retired), 32 years
Jennifer Nyiri, Library Teaching and Learning, 10 years
Heidi Popovitch, Administrative Office, 10 years
Rudy Ramos, Library Information Technology, 15 years
Bill Schurk, Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives (retired), 50 years
Vicki Seifert, Curriculum Resource Center, 10 years