We love linking!

Just before the start of the semester, we upgraded the software that links you to full text articles online, no matter where you’re searching – EBSCO, Summon, Google Scholar – anywhere!

We’re excited about our new link software because we think it provides helpful options that are easy to use while you’re doing research.


When you click on an article title in Summon or our Find It! button from a database like EBSCO or Web of Science, you will be taken to the full-text article, if it is available through the library, just as you were before. However, you will also often see a menu of helpful options in a sidebar to the right of the article that will help you if you have any trouble getting to the full text of the article.

Try a Different Source. If the article is available full text in another source, you can go to it by choosing a different source from the drop-down.

Report a problem. Click on the report a problem link to send a report of your problem getting to full text to BGSU Libraries. A librarian will follow up with you within 24 hours if you include your contact information.

Request a copy. Use this link to sign in to ILLiad and submit your request for a copy. We will find a library that has the journal and ask them to scan and send you the article as a pdf – at no cost to you!

We encourage you to make use of these options as you are doing your research!