JournalPass tool for off-campus access

JournalPass If you use Google or Google Scholar to find articles, or look at journals online from their publisher’s websites, you have probably run into times when the website asks you to log in or purchase the article in order to download the full text because it is subscription-only.

University Libraries pays for subscriptions to thousands of these online journals, but it is very cumbersome to have to go to the Libraries’ home page, go to our journal list, find the journal by title, log in, link to the journal’s website, and then search for the article you wanted to read.

That’s why we developed JournalPass!

JournalPass is a bookmarklet that works with all four major browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari). Merely visit our JournalPass LibGuide and install it with the one you use most. Then the next time you are off-campus and get to a login page on a journal publisher’s website, click on JournalPass in your browser bar. You will be prompted to log in, the journal website will recognize BGSU’s subscription, and you will be able to download the article.

JournalPass was developed at BGSU by Dave Widmer.