Points of View Reference Center

A new database from EBSCO is now available!

Points of View Reference Center presents users with multiple sides of various issues. This resource will be useful for students who are developing arguments for essays and could boost analytical thinking skills.

Some of the many topics included in this database include:

  • Abortion
  • Censorship
  • Human Rights
  • Global Issues
  • Medicine and Ethics
  • Substance Abuse
  • War and Peace
  • And many more!
Each topic has an overview, point, and counterpoint, presenting a balanced view on that topic. There is a Guide to Critical Analysis for each topic, which allows the user to evaluate the controversial topics themselves and develop their own viewpoints.
There is a wealth of information in the Points of View Reference Center including over 1,300 essays, political magazines from all viewpoints, radio and TV news transcripts, reference books, and primary source documents.
For more information, please visit EBSCO’s website.
To access the Points of View Reference Center, click on “all databases” and go to the letter “p”, click here.