Higher Education Funding in Ohio

Governor Kasich has issued the biennial budget for 2014-2015. The budget documents are linked from: http://jobsbudget.ohio.gov/

Although other budget documents include information about funding higher education, the greatest amount of information on higher education funding is on pages 54-61 of the Reforms Book, http://jobsbudget.ohio.gov/budget/Reforms_14-15.pdf

This Transforming Higher Education chapter explains why and how the formula for the State Share of Instruction (SSI) is changing. Highlights of the changes for the formula used for state universities in 2014 include:

  • Eliminate the Stop Loss
  • Eliminate Historical Set Asides
  • Adopt a Standard Three-Year Average

Changes to be implemented in 2015 include:

  • Proportional Credit for Transfer Students
  • Apply At-Risk Weights at the Student Level
  • Remove the Separate Funding Formula for Regional Campuses
  • Change Treatment of Out-of-State Undergraduates
  • Award Credit for Associate Degrees

To see projections of how these formula changes will affect the SSI for Bowling Green State University and other public colleges and universities see:

Campus-by-Campus Projection of State Share of Instruction (SSI) Dollars for Fiscal Year 2014


Background information on this new formula for funding higher education in Ohio is available in the Ohio Higher Education Funding Commission Report:


Additional information about this Commission is found on their Web site at: