Improved mobile access for JSTOR, EBSCO

JSTOR and tablet userRecently, two of the library’s most popular database providers, JSTOR and EBSCO, improved mobile access to their content for researchers.

Rather than a device-specific app or a separate mobile site for JSTOR, the company has implemented an “under-the-hood overhaul” that enables the JSTOR interface to adapt to the screen size of a device automatically. Therefore, when you use JSTOR on your phone or tablet, it will scale the screen so that you can use the database comfortably. Read more on the JSTOR website.

The new mobile version of EBSCOhost also provides an improved experience for mobile device users, with features not previously available on EBSCOhost mobile apps. These include:

  • Automatic detection–mobile device users no longer need a separate mobile profile
  • Usability enhancements (mobile design best practices)
  • User interface translation
  • Integration of/access to folders
  • Full access to facets and search options, and the ability to refine search results
  • Book covers and publication-type icons included on Result List

Read more on the EBSCO support website.

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