LexisNexis Election 2012 Guide

Last week, LexisNexis (publisher of LexisNexis Academic, a database of full-text news, business, country and biographical information) added a new guide about the 2012 Presidential election to its Knowledge Center.

The LexisNexis Election 2012 Guide shows you how to:

  • Find all news articles about Campaign 2012
  • Use Hot Topics links for most recent results
  • Find the candidates’ stances on issues
  • Find transcripts of important speeches and interviews
  • Find articles from candidates’ political home states
  • Find articles from other countries about the candidates

A .pdf version of the guide is also available to download and print – click the link at the bottom of the Knowledge Center article.

You can also visit the “Hot Topics Links” on the main page of LexisNexis Academic to get the most up-to-date election news.