Listen to New Music Festival composer David Lang in DRAM

David Lang in DRAMThe 2011 Bowling Green New Music Festival is October 12-15 and will feature David Lang as special guest composer.

For a sneak peek at his music, log on to our Music Library’s streaming audio database for contemporary music, DRAM, and listen to Lang’s album Are You Experienced?, which contains not only the title composition but also several other pieces, including one called “Spud.”

DRAM is completely unlike any other audio database. It contains over 2,300 albums from independent record labels representing music largely ignored by commercial recording companies. Classical, jazz, folk, contemporary and electronic music recorded since 1975 is included.

DRAM includes the ability to browse by instrument as well as performer, composer, and label, which makes for an interesting experience in sound discovery. Standard instruments like B-flat tuba and electronic keyboard make an appearance, but so do cumbus, jegog, adhesive tape, and garden hose. One album even features a song performed entirely on leather jackets.

Essential listening for the student of contemporary music and composition, DRAM will definitely lead you to sounds you never even knew were music.

For more information about the New Music Festival, see the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music’s website.

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