Problems with EBSCO and Chrome, IE9

One of our librarians, Vera Lux, has been investigating problems she stumbled upon while using EBSCO databases. She learned that there are many problems using EBSCO with Google Chrome, and EBSCO  is also not functional with Internet Explorer 9.

EBSCO reports that they hope to have the IE 9 problems corrected in the next few weeks, and fixes for the Chrome problems by fall. Until then, try using EBSCO with an earlier version of IE or with Mozilla Firefox (not currently available in all campus computer labs).

St. Mary’s University of Minnesota has outlined the Chrome problems on their blog. They write:

“The Find It button and many Javascript functions in the search results of all EBSCO databases are currently unavailable when using Google Chrome. Issues noticed with EBSCO databases when used in Google Chrome:


  • On the search page, the “Choose Databases” link does not work. You can’t select multiple databases to search simultaneously.
  • Hitting “Enter” after you type in search terms does not execute the search. You have to click the Search button.
  • The Find It button in the search results for all EBSCO databases does not work.
  • Choosing or expanding limiting options on the search results page do not work. These include the date slider-bar and any list to be expanding, like source types, subject and thesaurus terms, and publications.
  • Clicking the link to go to the next page of search results also does not work. Awesome.

“Until this issue is fixed, try using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. This is an issue between EBSCO and Google Chrome and a fix is not expected until Fall. EBSCO’s support page says:

  • Note: While many features may work using Google Chrome, EBSCOhost does not officially support the browser at this time. Full support for the Google Chrome browser is planned for Fall 2011.

“Read more from EBSCO here.”