Jan 22 2011

Kourtney & Kim take New York

California? Miami? and now The Big Apple: NYC! New York welcomes Kourtney and Kim Kardashian with open arms with the season premier for their new reality show, Kourtney and Kim take New York, on Sunday, January 23, at 10 PM Eastern, on E! News. Kourtney and Kim will be looking for DASH’s new location in NYC.

The girls are slowly but surely making their name across the world building up their high-end clothing store, “DASH”. The first location of DASH is located in Calabasas, California but the big move was when Kourtney and Khole moved to Miami opening up their second DASH clothing store. Kourtney and Khole took over Miami for two whole seasons on E! News. DASH Miami attracted an outstanding amount of media and began to make a outstanding name for the store, so why settle? The girls quickly took the outstanding business amount from Miami and came up with the brilliant idea to expand. Kourtney and Kim will soon be taking over The Big Apple in search of the third location for DASH. Opening up DASH in NYC the girls will continue the sister created high-end clothing store, possibly expanding across the United States.

This season is going to be filled with excitement, drama, romance, and work. Stay tuned! Watch Kourtney and Kim take New York this Sunday at 10, Eastern time. Followed by the season premiere of Holly Madison show “Holly’s World”. (Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend) at 10:30.

This post is defined as timeless and prominence. Timeliness because it is recent in time as the beginging of the opening season for Kourtney and Kim take New York. Prominence because the show is based on the celebrity lifestyle of Kourtney and Kim Kardashian.

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