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Introduction Speech Reflections

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I feel that my first speech went fairly well. I wasn’t really nervous until I actually got in front of the class. I felt all eyes on me and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. It seemed like I was delivering my speech than what the actual time was. It flowed for the most part. I felt that everyone could hear the shaking in my voice. All in all I think that my speech went well because it was great!

I tried to remember some of the skills that are pertinent when delivering a speech from the group work that we did a few weeks ago. I wanted to keep my audience’s attention, therefore I tried to make my delivery as interesting as possible. I feel that by incorporating a power point presentation that I was able to do this. It included pictures that acted as a reinforcement to my words. My introduction really captured the different aspects of who I am and I liked it. It gave my audience a view who I am. I feel that I was able to capture the audience’s attention because I cared about what I was saying and that energy transferred to them as well.

As awesome of a speech that I think that I did I also believe that there is always room for improvement. I could have prepared better by maybe going over my speech a few more times so that I was more comfortable. I liked that I rarely peered down at my note cards. For my next speech I hope to be able to continue that as well. I feel that the time keeper caught me off guard and in turn I became distracted. I think from there I did my best to recover and did the best that I could. I know that sometimes I stumbled over words due to nervousness. Also I have said “ummmm” I tried to refrain from them. I’m not really sure, however, I’ll still keep that in mind for the next speech.

I am looking forward to see what my peer evaluations. I think that constructive criticism is always helpful and beneficial. I took my own peer evaluation seriously and gave my peers the most accurate feed back that I could. I hope that someone decides to invent an alter ego after hearing my speech!!! lol

Reflection to 1/21/09 Class

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Last weeks class was very redundant in the sense that most groups had the same thoughts. Most people had great ideas when it came to speech ethics. Some groups found that it important not to go over your own speech while classmates are presenting theirs. I thought that it was very important to keep the audience interested in your speech.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself……

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Hello!! My name is Imani Thomas!!! I am a junior here at Bowling Green State University. I am a Sport Management major, with a specialization in Enterprise. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. Shopping is my addiction. I love to sing and act crazy with my brother, sister, and friends. I am indecisive about everything and only have a favorite food….MAC & CHEESE!!! I’m really random.


Hello world!

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