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What is Blog?

A blog (aka weblog or web log) is a Web page that is frequently updated, usually with personal insights and Web links. Each blog entry is typically short and to the point, sometimes with a link to a longer, extended entry.

How are Blogs Used?
Traditionally, blogs were used as something like an online diary. They included links that the author had found interesting that day as well as life stories.

But as blogs became more and more popular, businesses started to use them. The first industry to really embrace blogs was the news media. Journalists post their stories to the blog and readers subscribe to the blog news feeds to receive up-to-the-minute information on a variety of topics. Now, blogs are used for many different purposes.

  • Personal diaries
  • News feeds
  • Hourly, daily, weekly updates of Web sites
  • New information on a topic
  • Product updates: reviews, new versions, new products
  • This day in history
  • Birthdays and other special events
  • Almost anything you can think of

What do I need to set up a blog?
Since blogs are just Web pages, all you really need to set up a blog is a computer, space on a Web hosting server for your pages, and time to create the blog.

How can I post to my blog?
There are many different tools to use to post to your blog. Many of the applications allow things like posting from a desktop client, email posting, and even posting by phone. I have used a cell phone with Web access to post to my Weblog.

Are there other tools I can use to post?
There are many tools you can use to post to your Weblog. Most blog applications these days offer support for the Blogger API which allows desktop and mobile client tools to connect to the blog for posting and management.

What is RSS?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is a way to tell other people about your new blog entries. You post your Web log entries in the XML specification RSS. Then readers all over the world can view your blog entries on content aggregators. Or you can post content from other blogs on your site using RSS tools.



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Welcome to Dusko’s Blog. My name is Dusko Topolic and I am a tourism major at Bowling Green State University. I am coming from a small country named Serbia, that is located in south eastern part of Europe as you can see in this picture bellow.



This Blog that I created is mainly for class purpose – TLEP 4830, and it has all different projects that we were asked to do. However this blog has some other information. I also played soccer for four years for BGSU and here is the short video of one of our games.

Bowling Green – Hartwick