First Speech (IPC 205)

February 9th, 2009 by svandus

Usually when I have to go up in front of a group of people and give a speech, I’m pretty calm and not too nervous.  This time, probably because it was the first speech, I found myself a little more nervous than usual.

I practiced my speech beforehand, but since it was mostly just explaining who I am and what I like, I felt like it was a pretty easy speech to give.  I found a quote that went with the idea of the speech, and used it as my introduction.  Even though I had practiced, I found I still had to use my notecards, probably just because of some nerves and wanting to make sure I didn’t go out of order.

Overall, I feel the speech went pretty well but it could have gone better.  Hopefully next time I will be less nervous (and I suspect I will be), so it can go even smoother.

IPC 205

January 14th, 2009 by svandus

Set up account for IPC 205.

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