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The Project STELLA team is entirely made of BGSU students in Bowling Green, Ohio.

(left to right) Chris, Joshua, Jingyi, Zhe, Peihong

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Chris von Fahnestock II – Producer

          Chris is a Dayton-born Ohioan, who spent his childhood in both Texas and Germany.  Currently, he resides at Bowling Green University to pursue a degree in Digital Art. As a senior at BGSU, he aspires to become a concept artist and to one day create his own graphic novel, which he has already begun work on. His passion for strategy gaming and interest in the tower defense genre have brought him to this project with a wealth of enthusiasm as Producer of STELLA.


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Joshua Bellas – Director

     Joshua is a Junior at BGSU, also pursuing a degree in Digital Art with hopes to work as a freelance digital artist specializing in illustration and photography. He was born and raised in Troy, Ohio and recently spent a summer studying abroad with SACI (Studio Art Centers International) in Florence, Italy where he was able to immerse himself in the city’s rich artistic history. As Director of Project STELLA, he is excited to help bring such a fun and intriguing game to life.


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Jingyi Su – Programmer

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Zhe Qi (Blake)- Programmer

          Zhe Qi is a first year graduate student majoring in Computer Science at BGSU. Born in China, he moved to the US and chose to enroll in Bowling Green’s top-knotch computer science program to further develop his skills. As a programmer, Zhe specializes in software engineering and has been gathering experience in game testing as well. He has an affinity for PC gaming and is part of the capable programming team of Project STELLA.

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Peihong Wu- Programmer