September, 2016

(Update) Interface examples

While the focal 3D UI will be featured in the center, to the right will be an arrow to go to the region shop and to the left will be a region overview. Both feature arrows to guide the user back to the focal UI.


S.T.E.L.L.A. Game Summary

S.T.E.L.L.A. is a game where you assume the role of a terrestrial engineer responsible for creating new planets capable of efficient population growth. During each shift you will have to strategically manage your planet’re population and resources through regional customization. As the days pass, you’ll have to create varying worlds to meet the demands of the company and its greatly overpaid delegates. However, it is advised that you stay flexible and can keep your planet’s population growing, as will be pitted against your fellow employees for a promotion and a spot as even Employee of the Month!

S.T.E.L.L.A. Idea Pitch

Here is the visual presentation pitching the concept of our game, Stella.


Theme and Genre: Dark-Comedy World Builder/Simulator (Strategy Game)

Setting: Sterile “Cosmic Factory” Workstation

Core mechanics: Here is the start of the early concepts towards mechanics.

Ideal platform: Occulus Rift (Perhaps AR with Microsoft Holo Lens to immerse in a workstation setting)

Target Audience:      13+

The player takes on the role of one of many planetary engineers whose goal is to create a planet with a thriving population. The greater the population, the more income it generates for the company. At the start, you are given a starting amount to spend in the creation of your planet as well as being able to spend some of the income in-game to modify the planet should the need be. However, no matter what the player tries, eventually, the planets population will consume so many resources or become so populated that it will have to be terminated before it hurts company funds. Those who manage to keep a planet alive for an exceptional length of time will be awarded with being the Employee of the Month (the in-game leader board).