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Image Essay #2

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This is the Palette of King Narmer. Most of the Egyptian art has unknown authors because it was commissioned for the Gods. The Palette of King Narmer is a great example of dominance and heirarchy. On the front, King Narmer is the figure in the middle of the object and he is being protected by Horus (the falcon). This is a good example of dominance because in Egyptian art the most important figure is the largest. How you can also tell that King Narmer is the most important figure is that he is wearing a special crown and he is holding the hair of another enemy. Hierarchy is used very well in the Palette of King Narmer also as I said before. Not only is King Narmer the largest object in the picture, but he is also in the foreground. The servant is in the background and is smaller because he is less important and you have the enemy he is about to kill in his hand who is slightly smaller and people on the first register (the bottom) that look like they are dead. On the back, King Narmer is shown on the third register, the highest level, and even though all of the people are small, he is still fairly large. All of the other elements for hierarchy and dominance all pertain to the back of the piece. 

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