slavemaster on January 8th, 2009

Fine, here it is December and here is not a Christmas tree group to be seen so far. What a dissimilarity since that on the streets of Big Rapids. Here the Christmas season doesn’t create in earnest until a week previous to New Years. You see present is a real cultural divide among east and west.Respect to Pellegrin
Christmas is seen here as a spiritual holiday. And as if there isn’t sufficient emphasis on that information we have two of them. We too have a “gaggle” of new existence also.
Sooo, what is the subject? Well, we have two Christmas’s. One in December and one in January. It now depends on which cathedral you attend. The ceremonies are fairly the same. For the majority part populace do not deem it Christmas until January. That is when the Russian Orthodox, and Ukrainian traditional churches celebrate. (And for that stuff most of the eastern traditional denominations also). And fairly like the one famous in December it is a full demonstration of the splendor of the church! The day next there is a full check once more that lasts just concerning all day. Populace comes and they go at will. It is all tired standing as there are no pews in an orthodox church.This holidays was cool , my firneds blogs here
Now on to New Years and that is actually a question of anywhere you were born. The Chinese have on, the Arabs have one, the Hebrew has one, and then present is the Russian-Ukrainian one.
The New Year festivity begins the nighttime before with as many are able or willing, leaving home to hit the streets and walk until midnight. They weep out to each other… in spite of if they know them or not, “S NOVYM GODOM! It is full of power and frequently under the influence of vodka or a number of variant of intoxicating drink. Cafe’s and restaurants are full awaiting dawn with populace who are celebrating.

slavemaster on December 12th, 2008

I’m going to visit CUBA .

I will post here my photos from Cuba .

But now i find some pohots , check them out

Bill Trumbull’s Picture Gallery of Cuba

Here photos 🙂


vreed on December 8th, 2008

BOWLING GREEN, O.—Bowling Green State University revealed the design of its new, 5,000-seat arena–The Stroh Center–on Wednesday. Greg Christopher, assistant vice president of student affairs and director of athletics, showed off architectural renderings to nearly 150 supporters at an evening reception.

Construction of the state-of-the-art center is slated to begin in fall 2009 and be completed in late 2011. The Stroh Center will serve as the new home for Falcon basketball and volleyball and be used for graduation and other campus and public events.

Rossetti Associates Inc., a Southfield, Mich., architectural firm, and URS Group Inc., a Cleveland engineering firm, are designing the center.
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