Funding and Sponsors


National Science Foundation (CHE-1955524)

National Science Foundation (CHE-1811795)

Johnson and Johnson Vision
Bowling Green State University


National Science Foundation (CHE-1465075)

National Science Foundation – EPSCoR Track II for the Center for Sustainable materials (IIA-1355466)

VPRC 8669 EPSCOR logo Full

National Science Foundation (CHE-1213880)

National Science Foundation – CAREER Award (CHE-0748525)

DOE ND-EPSCoR Seed Grant (EPS-0447679)

VPRC 8669 EPSCOR logo Full

NSF EPSCoR Seed Grant (EPS-0814442)

National Science FoundationGraduate Research Fellowship

ND-EPSCoR doctroal dissertation Fellowship (EPS-0814442)

VPRC 8669 EPSCOR logo Full

UNCF-Merk Science Initiative grant

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