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Tunisian faculty, students coming to BGSU

Dr. Catherine Cassara-Jemai has some good news to share. I could summarize it, but she said it best in an e-mail:

“…the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education has given our colleagues there the go-ahead to continue their work with us.

“This means that the Tunisian faculty and students have approval now for participation in a summer workshop at BGSU.

“And, it also means that Nancy Brendlinger and I leave next week with a group of BGSU students for environmental workshop in Tunis … which will be attended by the Algerian faculty who visited BGSU last summer.

“The Algerians will be bringing students to Tunis. They have invited us to come to Algiers in the spring for a workshop with their students. They, too, are now agreeable to bringing students to BGSU for a summer workshop.

“The State Department has given its approval for us to get on with our work even though the workshops this fall and spring are shaped slightly differently that the grant had initially envisioned them.

“Next year we will hope to be traveling to North Africa with a group of teachers, journalists and others who have BGSU connections.”