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Dr. Al Gonzalez was honored today at the 21st Latino Issues Conference “A Community at a Crossroads: The Intersections of Immigration and Identity.”

Dr. Al Gonzalez was honored today at the 21st Latino Issues Conference “A Community at a Crossroads: The Intersections of Immigration and Identity.”

Dr. Gonzalez received the highest honor award from the Latino Issues Conference which is the Dr. Miguel Ornelas Award. This award is given in honor of Dr. Miguel Ornelas, a former Human Relations Commission member and Director of Affirmative Action at Bowling Green State University. Before his death in 1989, Dr. Ornelas served as an advocate for issues of diversity, as head of the Ohio Hispanic Institute of Opportunity and as a member of the BGSU Graduate Student Senate, Third World Graduate Association, and La Union de Estudiantes Latinos (LSU). He was the recipient of the first Hispanic Award from Project Search. Dr. Ornelas touched the lives of all who came in contact with him. The Dr. Miguel Ornelas Award is intended to bring attention to the actions and services of those who reflect Dr. Ornelas’ values.

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Dr. Gonzalez received this award for his long history at BGSU. His background at BGSU goes back decades beginning as an undergraduate student and one the initial students involved with the newly founded Union de Estudiantes Latinos (LSU).

Dr. Gonzalez has served as an administrator and faculty member and currently serves as the Department Head for the Department of Communication in the College of Arts and Sciences. Prior to this role, Dr. Gonzalez served as an Assistant Provost with responsibilities for enrollment management. On campus, he has been engaged with the Latino/a community in different levels from being a part of the Latino Issues Conference, Cinco de Mayo and other efforts like the Dia de los Muertos event. Further, Dr. Gonzalez is active and engaged member of the community as well. A lot of his work has cetered with the Sofia Quintero Art & Cultural Center in Toledo, where he has served on its Board and its Board President. More recently, he was part of the group that helped to establish La Conexion de Wood County where he currently serves as the first Board Chair of the organization.




Tangled Yarn, Tangled Wires: Women and Millenials Labor​ towards Digital Globalization



Dr. Gajjala to present at Globalization, Gender and Development Conference on ” Tangled Yarn, Tangled Wires:  Women and Millenials Labor​ towards Digital Globalization” in Eugene Oregon, in October 2014


Publications by Dr. Magsamen-Conrad Featured in Communication Monographs and Journal of Youth Studies

Congratulations to Dr. M-C for these stellar publications!
Magsamen-Conrad, K., Checton, M. G., Venetis, M. K., & Greene, K. (in press). Communication efficacy and couples’ cancer management: Applying a dyadic model. Communication Monographs. doi: 10.1080/03637751.2014.971415

Banerjee, S., Greene, K., Bagdasarov, Z., Choi, S., & Magsamen-Conrad, K. (2014, online first). Adolescent egocentrism and tanning bed use: Is the relationship direct or mediated? Journal of Youth Studies. doi: 10.1080/13676261.2014.963536

Gajjala to speak at The New School Gender Studies Speaker Series


Each semester, the Gender Studies Program hosts a lecture series that brings in exciting outsider speakers, organizes panels that put faculty and students from other universities in conversation with faculty and students from within The New School, and works with students to facilitate events with activists, performance artists, or scholars they most want to hear.

On November 4, Gender Studies presents a dialogue between Jessie Daniels, Professor of Urban Public Health, Sociology and Environmental Psychology at the City University of New York, and Radhika Gajjala, Professor of American Culture Studies and Communication Studies at Bowling Green State University.

She will be speaking on the topic of Cyberfeminism and Women’s Digital and Material Labor

For details go to

Dr. Faulkner’s book “Family Stories, Poetry, and Women’s Work” talks about close relationships!

This book is a memoir in poetry about family stories, mother-daughter relationships, women’s work, mothering, writing, family secrets, and patterns of communication in close relationships.  Faulkner knits connections between a DIY (do-it-yourself) value, economics, and family culture through the use of poems and images, which present four generations of women in her family and trouble “women’s work” of mothering, cooking and crafting. The poetry voices the themes of economic and collective family self-reliance and speaks to cultural discourses of feminist resistance and resilience, relational and personal identities.

SMC Colloquium, Dr. Gorsevski, Oct. 21, Tuesday, 1:00-2:15, 121 West Hall

October 21, 2014, Tuesday, 1:00-2:15 PM, 121 West Hall
Politics and persuasion in social and environmental justice from Women Nobel Peace laureates to U.S. Senator Frank Church

Dr. Gorsevski will highlight her latest book’s critical considerations for rhetorical theory and discuss political lessons learned from Frank Church’s ‘light green’ environmental rhetoric. Her recent articles have appeared in Quarterly Journal of Speech; Western Journal of Communication; and Environmental Communication.  Her books are Peaceful Persuasion: The Geopolitics of Nonviolent Rhetoric (SUNY Press, 2004), and Dangerous Women: The Rhetoric of the Women Nobel Peace Laureates (Troubador Publishing, Ltd., 2014).

Ellen W. Gorsevski (Ph.D.) is Associate Professor in the School of Media and Communication at BGSU. She was Edwin Erle Sparks fellow at Penn State where she earned her doctorate. Dr. Gorsevski conducts rhetorical-critical studies of activists in socio-political, cultural and environmental justice movements.

SMC Research Colloquium 10/3/2014, 3:00 PM @ 314 BTSU: Demystifying Academic Book Publishing

SMC Research Colloquium
October 3, 2014, Friday, 3:00-4:15 PM,314 BTSU*(room change this time only)

Demystifying Academic Book Publishing (3:00-4:00)

Panelists: Drs. Al Gonzalez & Thomas Mascaro

Dr. Gonzalez is Professor in the School of Media and Communication. His research is best located at the intersection of rhetorical criticism and intercultural communication. This Friday, he will speak primarily from his experiences writing these books:  Planting the Future: The Rhetorical Legacy of Wangari Maathai, (under contract with Troubador Publishing); Intercultural Communication For Everyday Life (2014), Wiley-Blackwell; Mediating Cultures: Parenting in Intercultural Contexts (2013), Lexington Books; Our Voices: Essays in Culture, Ethnicity and Communication, 5th Edition, (2012), Oxford University Press.

Dr. Mascaro is Professor in the School of Media and Communication. He earned his MA from the University of Michigan (1990) and Ph.D. from Wayne State University (1994). His dissertation was on TV documentaries in the Reagan years. Most recently, he wrote Into the Fray: How NBC’s Washington Documentary Unit Reinvented the News (Washington, D.C., Potomac Books, 2012—now University of Nebraska Press) and was nationally recognized for the work.

Epilogue (4:00-4:20)

Presenter: Sasha Allgayer

Sasha Allgayer is first-year doctoral student and will be presenting his research at the Global Fusion conference to be held in UT-Austin, Oct. 24-26. Before going to the conference, he would like to share his research entitled, “#OGiganteAcordou (#TheGiantHasAwoken): Memes During the 2013 Brazilian Protests,” first with his professors and fellow graduate students. Your attention and feedback will be appreciated.