WBGU-FM shows win RadioStar Awards!

WBGU-FM is proud to announce that two spring semester radio shows were selected as RadioStar Award winners by RadioFlag.com! The program Dirty Glitter (Thursdays 10 pm – 12 am) took home best music show honors while The Afternoon Rush – hosted by Craig Sullivan and Rebecca Priebe (weekdays 4 pm – 6 pm) took home best variety show honors!

About RadioFlag –

RadioFlag is social media and content discovery platform for radio. The service
allows users to discover new stations, new DJ’s and Talk Radio Hosts, and  stream
their personal favorite stations from their smartphone or computer, regardless of
where in the world they might be. Not only can listeners  tune in, but RadioFlag
provides the unique connection to live radio DJs and their listeners, fostering
communication beyond the call-lines.
The service  offers social connectivity between members of a live radio audience,
and links radio listeners through music, lifestyle, opinions, news and trends. In
addition, our users are creating an awareness of where the most unique, live, on-
air talent can be found. Our mission is to spotlight college and independent radio
stations by placing them on equal footing with the larger, well-financed commercial
RadioFlag launched  from the University of California, Irvine (UCI), with support from
campus station KUCI on April 4, 2011. RadioFlag launched its website nationally in
October 2011. The company is comprised of over 20 people, including mostly young
and talented software engineers and social media and marketing professionals.
Respected radio industry professionals have also joined the team to help the effort.
From the company’s launch at a single college station, RadioFlag has now expanded
on a large scale, connecting with over 300 college stations and creating a College
Radio Advisory Board, established to help better guide RadioFlag in supporting
college stations across the station. Considering that most of the RadioFlag team
consists of recent college graduates or current college students, its not hard to see
the natural connection between RadioFlag and college radio.

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