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Students Relieve Stress before Heading Home for Break

Stress was released and fun was had at the Department of Recreation and Wellness’ third annual Stress Free Zone before Thanksgiving break.

Students enjoyed a night of fun and stress-relieving activities at the Student Recreation Center Thursday, Nov. 18. The stress-free activities included free food and drinks, prizes, a DJ, dodge ball, three on three basketball tournament, Wii Bowling, yoga, art and crafts, climbing wall, meditation and relaxation techniques, human bowling and an inflatable obstacle course.

Senior Jillian Urig, member of the Student Nutrition Association, educated students on how to eat healthy while stressed.

The event was sponsored by; Recreation and Wellness, Student Wellness Network, BGSU Bookstore, Student Nutrition Association, BGSU Counseling Center and the Falcon Parent and Family Association.

Britani Williams, a senior intern with the Wellness Connection, was in charge of putting the event together. She worked with and coordinated a group of freshman in order to create, organize and publicize the event.

“I had never planned an event, so it was very different from anything I had done before,” Williams said.

Over 100 students attended the event. Considering it was the premier of the Harry Potter movie, senior Dietetics major, Jillian Urig said it was a good turnout.

“I think the event was very well run and organized,” Urig said.

Urig is a member of the Student Nutrition Associate and held table display for students to present information on how to snack healthy when stressed out. The table consisted of a display of healthy stress relieving foods and a few samples such as dark nuts for students to try.

“We wanted to give students the information they needed so the next time they were stressed out they could make a healthy stress relieving decision,” Urig said. “Instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips or a tub of ice cream, we wanted to give students healthy, but stress relieving options.”

Chelsea Verhoff, senior HDFS major, also volunteered at the event, with a slightly different role.

“My favorite part was the free food and watching people do the human bowling,” Verhoff said.

Verhoff, who is also an executive member of the Student Wellness Network, helped with the human bowling activity.

Students filled out evaluation forms at the end of the night to receive a free stress ball. The results were mostly positive and showed that most students’ favorite part of the event was the free food, yoga, arts and crafts and basketball.

“My other favorite part of the Stress Free Zone was actually seeing it come together and watching people enjoy the event,” Williams said.

Gradute Assistant Eric Teske and Senior Chelsea DeSouza roll a student to the pins for Human Bowling at the event.

Internship and Practicum Students Wanted for Recreation and Wellness

Are you looking for an on-campus internship or practicum for the spring semester? Look no further, Recreation and Wellness is now accepting applications for next semester from a wide variety of majors.

The internships and practicums are open to all majors including recreation and tourism, sport management, marketing and journalism.

“We base the jobs on what the academic credentials are of the student,” Lona Leck, Assistant Director of the Department of Recreation and Wellness, said.

Students can apply to the various departments within Recreation and Wellness including the Ice Arena, Intramurals and Sport Clubs, Youth and Family, advertising, Forrest Creason Golf Course, Perry Field House, Student Recreation Center and Wellness Connection.

Leck believes having interns and practicums within the department helps the staff and broadens the knowledge of the department overall.

“We want to get those new ideas from students,” Leck said. “You know what our programs are lacking more than we do.”

Leck also said the department sometimes gets lucky enough to find an intern or practicum student who they hire full-time.

Not only does interning or having a practicum with Recreation and Wellness benefit the department, but also the students.

“It’s a great experience to put on a resume,” Leck said.

Chris McDaniel, a senior Tourism and Event Planning major, interns with Recreation and Wellness and works on marketing in the Perry Field House. McDaniel said he feels he is gaining a lot of valuable knowledge that is going to help him in his future career.

Carolyn Deas, Senior Sports Management major also enjoys having her practicum at the with the Department of Recreation and Wellness.

“As a practicum student, you learn how to plan an event from the very beginning, from contract to execution,” Deas said. “And it’s rewarding to see it progress over time.”

Leck also said working with the department gives students a “taste of what the work in Recreation is really like.”

Students can  only gain valuable resume-worthy experience and enjoy where they work.

We’re really laid back, but we get our work done,” Deas said. “But that doesn’t stop us from taking a few minutes out of our lunch break to fly a kite, which we’ve done.”

While there are multiple internship and practicum opportunities available within the department, students are encouraged to apply early for positions and not wait until the start of the semester.

Leck also recommends students follow the instructions on the web site.

“We’re most impressed with students who follow instructions,” Leck said.

For those interested in applying for a spring internship, follow the link to learn more about the positions offered and apply now.

Condoms and Tree-Climbing Attract Students to the Department of Recreation and Wellness

From students hanging from trees to handing out free condoms, the Department of Recreation and Wellness was well represented at this year’s Campus Fest. There were multiple tables representing each aspect of the Department such as the Wellness Connection, Outdoor Program and the Student Recreation Center.

While walking past the Department of Recreation and Wellness section students received an ear-full from Dan Mattina, Student Supervisor for the Outdoor Program, as he yelled out while hanging from a tree to lure students in.

“It’s self-promotion for free climbing at the Wall,” Mattina said.

Mattina, treasurer of the Outdoor Adventure Club, represented his organization to earn more members while also distributing approximately 150 informational flyers on the Outdoor Program to students. He promoted the new General Physical Education course; white water rafting.

Next to the guy shouting from the tree, a popular table each year at Campus Fest, was the Student Wellness Network, a student-run healthy life-styles organization known for passing out condom beads to students for free.

“We had a line of like 89 million people backed up all the way to the snow cones for condom beads.” Mindy Radabaugh, Vice President of the Student Wellness Network, said. “It was fantastic.”

The Student Wellness Network covers all types of wellness topics such as body image, sexual health, mental health, fitness, nutrition, tobacco and alcohol.

Representing all areas of recreation and wellness was Amy Sheldrick, the Administrative Secretary of the Wellness Connection.

Sheldrick said her table handed out multiple flyers on the various services and information. Sheldrick also helped conduct a fitness survey to see what group exercise classes students would be interested for the spring semester and what times they prefer to work out.

Sheldrick’s main message to students as they walk by: “Check out Recreation and Wellness; we have something to offer everyone.”

Kids Camp 2010 – The Best Yet!

Kids Summer Camp 2010 at BGSU is not just another “Day Care” camp. Things are changing in a big way and we want you to be a part of it! This is a look inside at what your campers are really getting out of this experience. BGSU Summer Kids Camp had its start in 2008 and has been a staple program every summer since then. It has always been a good camp alternative to the traditional baby-sitters or day care facilities. But this year it’s going to be different. Micha Seither, Camp Director, talks about turning a camp that was good in its previous years into something great this year!

It takes a lot more than just wanting to make the camp better. Restructuring, planning and bringing in the best people in their fields were some of the steps taken to get this camp up and running. A host of people from various departments have helped in the transformation of this year’s Kids Camp. Changes in the areas of fitness and exercise, health and wellness, snacking choices, preparation and communication and overall marketing of the camp are what this year’s successes are based on.

“We have components in this year’s camp that were not present in the previous years. These are critical areas that we are so glad to be able to implement every other day in camp.” Laurie Westbeld speaks about the newly added fitness and wellness sessions. The session will alternate days and will be done twice a week each. The fitness session will be coordinated and lead by Liz and will last about an hour. Liz will be focusing her efforts on getting the campers to understand fitness and why it is so important to their daily routines. Latisha is a wellness intern at the SRC and she will be conducting the health and wellness sessions. Latisha’s aim is for the campers to practice good health, such as hygiene. Other elements like community safety and bicycle riding will be discussed throughout the eight weeks of camp. It is truly going to be great to have both Liz and Latisha on board for this year’s Kids Camp.

Included in the price (which has been lowered for this year) for camp, each child will receive two snacks a day. It is really simple to order some snacks that are prepackaged and processed and hand them out to the campers. There’s little thought involved and little mess to clean up afterwards. However, with the new focus of camp being a well rounded experience, we wanted to make sure we followed through in this area as well. This year we have revamped the snack menu with fruits, vegetables and healthier alternatives for ice cream. It has been a task to restructure the snack menu because for the most part, budget doesn’t allow for the kids to have fruits and vegetables for every snack, every day. We have done what we can though and are putting the finishing touches on the snack menu next week. Look for the Weekly Newsletter that will get sent home with your campers for the snack list for that week.

The Weekly Newsletters mentioned above are our way of communicating to the parents or guardians about the activities and events that their campers are involved in. Laurie Westbeld spoke about how camp this year is going to be more informative. “We want the parents to know what snacks their kids are eating and what field trip they are going on this week. We want to communicate this information to the parents to show that we have it organized and planned out.” Laurie and countless others have been hard at work to make this camp the best it can be.

So don’t miss all the new and exciting changes to Kid’s Camp! Sign-ups are going on now! For more information about Kid’s Camp visit or click on the picture below to download the guide and forms. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Racing Towards Awareness

According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey, every two minutes someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. Because of these alarming results, the month of April has been designated Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, 82 BGSU students lined up at the starting line for the second annual Sexual Assault Awareness 5K. The event was put on by The Department of Recreation and Wellness to raise money to increase the awareness of sexual assault and educate the community on how to prevent it.

Director of the Wellness Connection Faith Yingling emphasized the importance of sexual assault awareness, “On average, one in four women are the victim of attempted or completed sexual assault by the time they graduate,” she said. “It is crucial that we pool together and do something about this issue.”

All of the proceeds made from this event were given to the Cocoon Shelter. The Cocoon Shelter opened its doors to battered women and children on June 14th, 2005. Since then it has been a safe emergency home to the overwhelming amount of women and children in the area that are in need of help.

The event gave participants the option to run or walk during the 5K. There was no pressure as to who would get across the finish line first, but rather an emphasis that everyone who crossed the finish line contributed to a good cause. A lot of students found this as an opportunity to get a good work out in while making a difference.

“College women are a huge target for sexual assault, and because I fit into that category I thought it was more than necessary to come out and run to increase awareness,” said participant Sarah Nitkiewicz.

The Department of Recreation and Wellness strives on making the Bowling Green community a safe and healthy place to live. “We really appreciate all of those who participated in this year’s 5K, and encourage more students to come out next year,” Yingling said. “We are already looking forward to next year’s race!”